My pamper routine

After some rough days, I felt an urge to do something good for myself. So yesterday I gave myself some love, and wanted to share my pamper routine with you.
You can use it as you like-take a few things from there and use them in your own routine or take it all step by step (yes I just sang that as I wrote it).
I hope you guys remember to take some time to pamper yourself because this is an amazing stress reliever and a great way to tell yourself that you love yourself.

Well here you go, my pamper routine step by step (whoops I did it again (will this ever end πŸ˜› ))

  1. First start finding some music- bonus points if it is something you really like- and play it as loud as you want to-but be careful not to annoy the neighbours or the rest of the house (remember: it is okay to dance and sing while listening to music, it makes the experience even better)
  2. File or cut your nails in a desired length.
  3. Get in the shower! If you got a bathtub, you can use a bath bomb in the water-this makes the experience more luxuriously. When washing your hair/face/body try massaging the product in- this makes your blood circulation better and helps de-stress.
  4. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  5. Wash your hair with shampoo again; use a face cleanser and rinse.
  6. Put in conditioner (or a hair mask), use a face cleanser again, and wash your body. Now rinse.
  7. Use a body scrub to exfoliate your body, then rinse.
  8. Get out the shower and dry yourself.
  9. Massage body lotion into your skin.
  10. Put on a bathrobe or really comfy clothes.
  11. If you got any calluses-hard or thick skin- on your feet, now is the time to file this away with a foot file.
  12. Massage foot lotion (body lotion is just fine too) into your feet and leave a nice thick coat. Now put on comfy socks.
  13. Use a face oil or cream.
  14. Go make a cup of tea and find a good book- sit down and relax with these.
  15. Last- have a great day and remember to tell yourself that you are loved ❀


Feel free to write your own pamper routine in the comments- I would love to hear how other people manage their me-time. Thank you πŸ™‚


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