Hello again everyone,

The reason I haven’t written in some time is simple: I’ve been on vacation. I was in Austria and wow!

The weather was sunny and the nature was stunning. I got to do some of the things I really love (which is taking walks and pictures) and the outcome was amazing. This post will mainly be about this. I myself think the nature is a wonderful phenomenon, and just looking at pictures of it makes me happy. I hope it will make you a little happy too. Here you go:


13639650_10207633964954909_674955920_o13639422_10207633966354944_1528445580_o13639915_10207633967474972_1009235386_oI hope some of these pictures made you either happy, or wonder how our nature ended up looking this majestic. Thank you for your patience and your support. Another post will be up shortly.

Xoxo Luna



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