Your workplace in one of the places you are going to spend most of your time at. That’s why it’s important to stay both healthy and happy there.

  1. Wash your hands often- this makes sure bacteria wont spread and infect yourself and othershandwashing_2009_e
  2. Take the stairs
  3. Stretch regularly-to make sure your body stays awakeDesk+Stretches
  4. Remember to move around in your breaks
  5. Personalize your workspace
  6. Bike or walk to work-if you work far from your home, you can park or get off the bus/train a little further away than normally
  7. Drink enough water-to stay hydrated and keep your brain working
  8. Compliment others- only honest compliments though, complimenting others doesn’t only make their day, it can make yours too
  9. Remember to say no-don’t push yourself to doing something you really don’t want to
  10. Don’t skip breakfast- yes breakfast IS the most important meal. If you can’t eat just when you wake up, try taking a banana or some almonds with you and eat them a little later. The most important is that you eat something within an hour from waking up
  11. Stay home if you’re sick! This makes sure that you won’t infect others and you get healthy faster
  12. Laugh-this reduces stress and makes a good atmosphere at your workplace01
  13. Pack your own lunch
  14. Be careful with caffeine-too much caffeine can make you hyper and disoriented
  15. Learn something new- this keeps your brain on its toes (yes I just imagined that- something like this:13867130_10207771928243905_1345733153_n-sorry for the ugly drawing :’D)
  16. Keep your desk organized
  17. Take small breaks often
  18. Suggest having a walk and talk meeting
  19. Have your desk standing by the window, it’s better working in natural light
  20. Try a standing desk
  21. Surround yourself with things that makes you happy- pictures, flowers, music etc.happy
  22. Dress up- feeling good looking helps you stay motivated in what you do


Thank you for reading- take care 🙂 xoxo


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