So here it is everybody! The post- the posts of the posts- the most awesome post of the posts I’ve posted so far. Too much? Sorry

Well this post is about me. Not 10 facts like last time, but a little look into my daily life.

Right now I’m in France- Orleans actually as an au pair for the sweetest and craziest (in a good way of course) 10 year old girl.

It took me a long time to finally take this step-since I’m introverted and the thought of going alone to another country to live with another family was insane. But I took the step and so far it has been incredible. And tough.

I actually think I’ve been very lucky with this family- they are down to earth, kind and fun.

I got my own room-and my own bathroom- they look like this:

And this is the house I live in!

My daily life starts around seven. I eat with Eva (The child I’m taking care of) and we’ll then go get ready for school. When I’ve set her off at school I got free time until I’ll go get her again. Well, free time and free time. I’m going for a French course twice a week- a couple of hours trying to learn French (I’m hopeless). Then I do my chores- basic housekeeping, and I take care of the cat Arthur This is him14741642_10208388441976363_1270302082_n

When I fetch Eva again we play (and make homework) until her parents come home-then we set the table and eat. Early to bed and on it again the next day.

I’ve only been here for a little more than one month, but everything is still new and exciting.

The city  and the nearby park is beautiful and I’m really happy to be here. The city and the park looks like this

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are Eva’s days off. That means we have a lot of time to play, relax and explore. For example we found this cute penguin.14658193_10208388441136342_1652940812_n

And we even saw a upside down rainbow. 14725379_10208388442096366_11125627_o

Right now I use my free time to be creative- Baking (also with Eva-we made these14741235_10208388440976338_627533417_n) I made my own Christmas presents- I will show you later (together with a toturial) but it’s not possible now-since I know my mom will read the post and well, I’m not telling her what her present is :p That’d be cheating.

I made my own homemade Christmas bags- there will be a tutorial later on about those.

And more tutorials will follow later on.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know some more- write to me and I’ll be there!  🙂



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