Hello and happy Halloween!!

Are you like me and still not done with preparing for Halloween? ( Didn’t think we should, but Eva went all “I really wanna make Halloween decorations, I’ve never done it before” – so it suddenly became first priority)

If you are- or just want to make some fun Halloween stuff on the occasion- then read on!

Eva and I made four types of easy DIY’s: Ghosts, Bats, Spider webs and spiders

I’ll show you how to in the same order.



You need: Cotton, paper, glue, black paper, scissors

How to:

  1. Cut out your Ghosts shape14875042_10208532940548737_1292055276_n
  2. Glue pieces of cotton on (This picture is hiding)
  3. Cut out two eyes and a mouth for the ghost.14875283_10208532941068750_1657656918_n
  4. Gluuuue The eyes and mouths on14877304_10208532941108751_1469631099_n

You can make them anyway you want to- they are really cute!! 14914967_10208532941148752_1784396347_n



You need: Toilet paper rolls, Black colour, Scissors, Pink colour (optional)

How to:

  1. Find your toilet paper roll and bend the top inwards from both sides14886079_10208532934268580_134891534_n
  2. Draw a face on your bat-remember those pink cheeks (if you want)   14914925_10208532933028549_348944245_n14914747_10208532932908546_863957518_n
  3. Cut out your wings14875313_10208532933588563_1031177743_n
  4. Paint your wings14877036_10208532934028574_981680859_n
  5. Cut holes for your wings14875283_10208532933428559_225639449_n
  6. Put the wings in and-done!14914547_10208532932748542_1537132336_n
  7. Make them any way you want!14877935_10208532931748517_1676751245_n



You need: Small square of plastic, scissors, tape, pencil

How to:

  1. Take your piece of plastic and fold it in half14914980_10208533856451634_1833527035_n14877742_10208533856411633_1116595889_n
  2. Fold it in half again14793816_10208533856371632_1686364167_n
  3. And again14937051_10208533856331631_1592986695_n
  4. Fold one side inward so your piece of plastic looks like this:14914921_10208533856131626_312568081_n
  5. Cut the edge like this and put tape on the open side14877912_10208533855651614_376088658_n
  6. Draw where you are going to cut on it14877007_10208533855371607_2001476693_n
  7. Cuuuuut14877032_10208533855171602_2077365660_n
  8. Take of the tape and open-voila14914756_10208533855051599_1203430988_n



You need: A piece of paper- pencil-scissors

How to:

  1. Take your piece of paper and fold it in half14826299_10208533854851594_1160201972_n14886081_10208533854611588_170081521_n
  2. Fold it in half again14875252_10208533854491585_492251920_n
  3. Draw your spider on the paper(mine looks like this- but you can choose yourself)14915026_10208533853451559_1487731597_n
  4. Cut out the spider14914722_10208533853331556_464501630_n
  5. Open(like this it is a garland-but you can cut them from eachother)14872632_10208533854331581_884831579_n
  6. I cut them from eachother and put it on the spiderweb- so the finished one looks like this14885880_10208533854131576_963772018_n


This is four different (and easy) ways of making halloween decorations in a jiffy- hope you liked it! Xoxo


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