Hello again everyone.

First of-It’s been a long time since last-yes? That my friends is because I’ve had a couple of busy busy weeks (my parents were visiting and I had to show them everything I’ve seen in 2 months in 4 days-We’ve had visitors 3 days-We visited castles 2 days-and the rest of the time has been filled with french courses, homework, fencing and everyday work)

I’m here now though and I have a lot to say! 😉

This time you’ll see some posts that looks a little alike. That is: Uses of… we’ll get around coconut oil, vaseline, eggs, lemon, vinegar and maybe even more!

First post in the series is: COCONUT OIL- Oh how I love it. I hope you will too after this:

  1. Moistures and heals everything (well almost)
    Cracked heels? Dry skin? No problem. Coconut oil don’t just soak and soothe dry or cracked skin-it also heals it.
  2. Massage oil
    Don’t know what to use when massaging? Try coconut oil- you’ll get a truly lovely feeling.
  3. Makeup remover
    Coconut oil is a gentle way to remove makeup and it even leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  4. Polish and clean
    Coconut oil can even be used to polish and clean almost everything. Kitchen supplies, bike chains, working tools, leather…
  5. Removes sticky stuff
    Labels or things like it will be removed fast from for example glass, wood or plastic
  6. Use it when cooking
    Coconut oil can easily be used instead of butter when cooking
  7. Soothe bug bites
    Just smear a little on the bite and it will either stop or help against the itching
  8. Antibacterial
    Can be used as antibacterial for cuts or scrapes


Of course there are many more, but we can’t have everything on one page-can we? This is the ones I find most helpful- and I hope you do so too! 🙂

Until next time- Xoxo


4 thoughts on “Uses of coconut oil

  1. Excellent article! I’ve been using coconut oil as a mouth was (oil pulling) and it’s working great. Such a versatile oil! Do you feature your writing on any other sites at all? Great stuff!

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    1. Thank you very much!
      Mouth wash- great idea, think I’ll try it myself! ( I always wonder what kind to buy and about how it works- so great to know that I Can even use coconut Oil)
      And no- my stuff is only on my blog. Dont know how- or where to get it featured on another site(even though that would be very cool).😳
      Once again thank you very much for Reading and answering!


      1. The mouthwash thing certainly takes some getting used to (lot’s of articles on it though, it’s called “oil pulling”). Ah I see cool, well if you’d be interested in featuring with us at creators.co I’d be happy to talk to you about that. Here’s my email – mike.fleck@creators.co

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