Hello again everyone.

Last time I promised to give you some different uses of, and so I will.

This time is about Vaseline- so here you go!

  1. Helps soothe cracked heels
    Try massaging some Vaseline on your feet when you go to bed. When that is done- put on some socks. You’ll wake up to softer, smoother feet.
  2. Helps against sunburns
    If it has happened, you forgot sunscreen and your skin is now burning hot- try applying Vaseline to the area- it’ll help prevent your skin peeling
  3. Helps soften dry skin
  4. Use it as lip balm
    Maybe even exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush first, then apply Vaseline and BAM you have smooth, beautiful lips.
  5. Soothe your fever
    Just put Vaseline in the freezer for a few minutes and then rub it into your forehead
  6. Can reduce the itching and scalping from dandruff
    You just have to condition your hair with vaseline before shampooing
  7. Can be used to make shoes, handbags (and other leather stuff) shine
    Just rub rub rub (but gently please)
  8. Can keep your door hinges from making noise
    Just lubricate them with the Vaseline and give it a little time

I myself didn’t know some of these (I mean-it even helps against dandruff??) Have to keep some vaseline at home always from now on.

Do you know any other uses of vaseline?
And how do you usually use yours?
Let me know!

Until next time! Xoxo


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