Hello again!

We’re on our 3’rd post about uses of!

This time we’ll talk a little about eggs (which doesn’t only just taste good but is also amazingly useful for a lot of other things. (especially gardening)

  1. Use it to water plants:
    Just boiled your eggs? Don’t pour out the water yet! Since eggshells contain so much calcium(that plants love)- the left over water is ideal for watering your plants.
  2. Use the eggshells as seed starters:
    Just rinse the shell halves with warm water to remove the membrane. Poke a small hole in the bottom and fill the shells with soil.
  3. Heals cuts:
    Since the membrane has wound healing nutrients- you can actually use it as a bandage for cuts (never tried it since I have a lot of band-aids and almost never get a cut- but it would be fun trying)
  4. DIY face masks:
    One idea would be mixing one egg yolk and two tablespoons honey for an easy face mask- out it on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
  5. Clean pots and pans:
    Crushed egg shells work great to scrub pots and pans that have food stuck in them


A lot of these was new to me ( I knew you could use it as seed starters and face masks, but healing cuts and cleaning??)
So this was a couple of uses of eggs (besides eating)


Have you ever tried any of these?

And what do you usually use your eggs for?


Until next time!


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