Yes I know it’s some time ago now (and also some time since the last post) shy you ask?

Well as I told earlier, I got home to Denmark for Christmas and the new year.

This means:

  • Family wanting to know how the past 4 months in France was
  • Mother, father, brothers, dog and boyfriend craving my attention ( and I theirs)
  • My friends from school coming over to bake Christmas cookies (like they have done for the last 15 years)
  • Several trips to the doctor now that I’m finally home
  • School applications that has to be filled
  • Applications for apprenticeship has to be made (in fact 148 has to be made and sent)

And then to add up I got a letter from some kind of website saying I owe them 110€ (WHAT?!?)

Because of this ↑ I have been feeling really stressed out this holiday.


So now I am looking forward to starting my work days again just to get some structure on everything.

With this I have to mention: New Year resolutions (Oh God I’m so bad at keeping them) I always make one that sounds a lot like: Exercise every day, never eat candy again, earn 1 million before summer vacation (This actually isn’t even exaggerated, I always set goals way to big that I KNOW I’ll NEVER keep.

This year though (thinking about my earlier New Year resolution fails) I’m going to make one that I might actually be able to keep.

That is: Do your best.

For me this means a lot of things: Do something you love every day, be more positive, make better decisions, exercise more, eat healthier and drink more water (yup that’s a lot, but “do your best” seems easier, and even though a lot of thought is behind it, everything will come back to just doing the best I can)

And how will I do that?

I will simply ask myself every day: What would the Luna I want to be do?

This can be used in every situation and it is an amazing question.

Would the future me get up 10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast or sleep on? (yes this kind of makes me feel guilty about what I do, but makes me feel great afterwards!)


What are your New Year resolutions and how are you going to achieve them? Just comment underneath- I’d be happy to hear!

Good luck with keeping them and I wish you a great 2017! 🙂



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