Okay I admit it! I’m a huuuuge hoarder. I really dislike throwing things out and always think: but what if I suddenly have to use this? (And I already know, I am NOT going to use that worn out and dirty sock)

So for you (and also myself) here is a list of stuff you should probably throw away, but don’t


  • Your pretty disgusting and worn out shoes38aefa122c359e89307bc076609c2a3d
    I love shoes and I really bond with some of them- therefore I find it extra hard to throw out my favorite shoes even though they are dirty and filled with holes. But what’s got to go, got to go.
  • The clothes you NEVER wear.
    You keep them in the closet because they look cute and hey-they were on sale when you bought them. You haven’t worn it once and deep down you know you are not going to. Ever. If it hurts too much to get rid of consider upcycling them into something else you actually might use, or give them to charity (or just a friend)
  • Ruined underwear.
    Holes and weird stains? Yes? No. Throw it out please. For everyone’s sake.
  • Your toothbrush.
    Okay this one is pretty basic. Do you switch your toothbrush out with a new one every 3 month? No well here’s a fact for you then: Over time, toothbrushes gather as much bacteria as a toilet brush. Yup. You’re welcome.
  • Old birthday cards.
    Or cards alike (you can keep those with sentimental value of course- but just in case you have 25 birthdays from classmates from when you were 10 (which actually don’t say anything else than happy birthday) please. Throw them out. They only take up space (trust me I know-I had two boxes of old cards that I couldn’t get myself to throw out. Oh all the space I got when they went out)
  • Dead flowers.064f52065228eadade50519ae3814fd8
    Okay hands up. I really don’t have green fingers, I wish I had, but I don’t. So once in a while I end up with a dead flower. What do I do- let it stay, It kind of looks like a living plant. Okay they have to get out or they will end up infested with unwelcome bugs and insects. Then it’s suddenly not so fun anymore. Just throw them out please.
  • Ruined, dried up or expired beauty products.
    They end up being a party for bacteria and who wants to put bacteria infested stuff on their skin. No one is my guess.
  • Broken electronic that cannot be saved.
    This speaks for itself. Why keep things that you have no use for and no connection to?
  • Expired food.
    Another one that speaks for itself. No one wants to find a lumpy milk or a rotten banana in their house. Hopefully.
  • Broken umbrellas.broken-umbrella
    They are not going to work again, just throw them out.
  • Games with missing pieces
    The chances are, you are never going to find those pieces again, just let them go and either get a new game (if you love it) or think about if you actually use it, if you don’t just throw it out.


Do you still have some of these things in your house?

Or do you have anything that you think deserves a spot on the list?

Just comment underneath and I’ll love to read it!


Until next time: I wish you a happy life, one day at a time! 🙂





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