Hello again πŸ™‚

So. I am home in cold, cold Denmark again- and boy have I missed everyone!

We have vacation (My french family and I) so we decided to go to Denmark. They wanted to go see some of their old friends, and of course Legoland (because who doesn’t like Lego???) and I went home first to my boyfriends house and then home to my parents (where I needed to attend a funeral, two birthdays and a lot of doctors appointment)

The best part though was my parents birthdays (my mother had birthday the 16’th of april and my dad the 23’th of march, so we held both when I got home) I promised to show you guys what I made for them, so I am going to!

To both my parents I made a birthday card. My fathers like this:

And my mothers like this:

YES! I love puns, and I have a really bad sense of humor so this was perfect!

Then they got a painting I made


And lastly the best part. Moomins (is this right? The mom and the dad) Since we were small, my mother has always been called “mumimor” which is the mom in Danish- so it was the best idea ever (at least I think so) to make them a crochet moomin.


I just learned to crochet a couple of months ago and it is really relaxing and amazing to see the outcome.

It is great to be home in Denmark again, and even though I love being in France- Denmark is forever my home!

Until next time: I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! πŸ™‚




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