YES! I did make the header like that JUST because it rhymes. And it is awesome 😛

I’m back (finally) and I have a couple of more DIY’s for you lovely people!

So- lets get into this ASAP 🙂

First I got three different notebooks (I got the inspiration from NimC- go check her out, she makes some amazingly cute stuff Nim C youtube channel)


You’ll need:

  • paint
  • plain notebooks- mine were black
  • imagination

How to:

  1. Find your notebook, and paint it in your desired color, I made three different, you can do that too

    2. Now draw a sihluette on the covers, this makes it MUCH easier to paint- but you can also make it by free hand


    3. Start painting- and you are finished! (I don’t know where the last book went, so this is all you got ;))21290979_10211209754987425_161298725_n21284300_10211209754827421_347510736_o

    For the next DIY we have two different pencils. We will start with the easiest first.


Book pencils.
You’ll need

  • glue
  • an old book
  • scissors
  • pencils

How to

  1. First you will have to take some pages out of your book, and then cut them into sizes that fit your pencils21268136_10211209756347459_691149636_o21277658_10211209756107453_1526501506_o2. Now put some glue on the paper, and roll the pencil until it’s covered. Yup that’s it. Just let it dry 🙂



Last DIY for today, might be one of my favorite. It’s fandom inspired pencils.

You’ll need

  • Scissors
  • bowl with warm water – a plate will work too
  • Printer
  • paper
  • pencils

How to:

  1. First, go to a word program and start writing the sentences you want on the pencils in there (I wrote some of my favourite quotes from GOT). I used size 11, and it worked for me. Print these out21245171_10211209756587465_171060200_n
  2. Put tape over the sentences and make sure it’s tight. Then cut them out individually
  3. Now put these in the warm water for about 3 minutes- they will curl up. Then rub the paper off the backside-it should come off pretty easy, if not, soak it for a minute or so more. You should still be able to see what you wrote. Afterwards put it to dry.
  4. When the small tape strips are dry, they should once again become sticky, and you can tape them on your pencils. If they don’t go on easy, try using a little glue. That’s all and you are finished. I miiiight have made a little more than necessary, but well, I had fun.



That’s all for this time.


Have any of you tried some of these before and did it work for you?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! :*



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