Hello guys, I often find it hard to be productive since I’m a natural procrastinator, so I’ve gathered some tips to help you guys, and myself to be more productive 🙂

  • Eat well- yes I know this one is hard, but in my book you also get credit for trying 😉
  • Plan your day the night before- I usually lay out my clothes and make my lunch the night before
  • Start with a workout- just five minutes of workout or just a simple stretch is enough
  • Drink up- drink that water guys, 8 glasses a day 😊
  • Walk everyday- I aspire to walk 10000 steps everyday, but 6000 is also okay if I’m very busy
  • Get rid of everything unnecessary-that’s both physical and mental- people that tire you down, or just rubbish laying around. Everything matter.
  • Set daily goals- small ones work too
  • Motivate yourself daily
  • Tackle the biggest task first-also called to “eat the frog” this way the smaller talks seems easier to overcome
  • Be the early bird and get the worm
  • Have a clean workspace- this makes every other task easier to overcome
  • Take things one at a time-we are often caught up trying to multitask and do 100 things at the same time. Just don’t! Actually, you get less done, and the things you actually get done won’t be as great as it would if you just concentrated on one thing
  • Make lists- I’m a big fan of lists, if I could write a list about everything I would!
  • Educate yourself- l aspire to learn one new thing every day. No matter how small it is. In only one year, you would have learned 365 things!!!


Thats all for this time, until next time:

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


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