Welcome back for another exciting part of my bullet journal journey!


Today we will look at some health and exercise pages in my bullet journal.

We have some health challenges, that are actually different 30 days challenges, that I’d like to try. I tried not to make them too hard, because then they are harder to keep doing (at least for me) but they will still make me feel awesome and cool afterwards.

Then we got the alfabeth workout. Which is the last two sides of my slide. They have been made, so that every letter in the alfabeth equals some type of short workout. Normally I was told that you try to go through all the alfabeth, and see how far you’d come, but I like making my things a little different.
That’s why you see some different. well. affirmations i guess, at the pages. I like to make a sentence to encourage and motivate myself, and then do the workout equal to all the letters. That way I feel even better about my hard but rewarding workout

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s all for this time and I hope some of you were inspired to do some of these too! Next time will be the last one of my bullet journaling parts, so I hope you enjoyed the journey so far.
And for why I haven’t shown you every month? Well every month looks like the one I made for January except they have different type of washi tape on them. And the mood tracker is also the same for every month. (if you don’t remember how that looked, you can find it here )

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 🙂

Xoxo ❤



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