Welcome back you beautiful people!

Today we will relax and take a deep breath, because today, we will talk about some of the ways there are to destress!

I myself tend to get pretty tense pretty fast, and don’t really feel that I am stressed until it is too late. If you know that feeling and are at least a little like that too, please read on. 😊

Here are some ideas that I use, when I try to destress:

  • Listen to your favorite music-preferable something that makes you happy, or have some relaxing tunes
  • Take a walk outside in the fresh air
  • Do some easy stretches
  • Meditate
  • Read a book you really enjoy
  • Close your eyes and count to 10 (or 50 or 100, depending on how stressed you are. Remember to breathe slowly in the meantime)
  • Write in your journal about all that stresses you out, or just whatever you have on your mind
  • Write down 10 things you are grateful about
  • Doodle or draw something
  • Call a friend
  • Disconnect from al technology (if possible) for a little while
  • Watch a funny movie or video that can make you laugh
  • Practice yoga
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Take a nice and warm shower
  • Hug someone
  • Play with a pet
  • Organize or clean (I do this a lot when I’m stressed, both because I like doing it, but it also gives me a feeling that there’s actually something I can control myself)
  • Drink a cup of tea- preferable your favorite or chamomile
  • Give yourself a massage-or ask for one from someone you live with (for example)
  • Sit in the sun
  • Look out the window and do some people looking
  • Eat a little bit of chocolate
  • Make lists of what has to happen (this helps me see clearly what I have to prioritize)


That’s it for today, I hope this was able to help some of you! 😊

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time ❤


Xoxo ❤



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