Well hello there guys. Do you also find yourself sitting in the midst of a clutter filled and confusing space? Well I do.
I am one of those some people call “hoarders” I absolutely HATE throwing things out, and it always ends up piling up everywhere looking horrible and tiring.
So for today we will talk a little about some things you might as well just throw out right now!

  • Clothing
    Well not all your clothes. But all the clothes that: doesn’t fit, is 150 years old, has holes or unremovable stains, isn’t your style, or if you haven’t worn it in forever. It might be a good idea to donate the clothes that is still in a good condition, and just toss the rest.
  • Old costumes you’ll never wear again.
    They might be too old, not your style, in bad condition or maybe you can’t fit it anymore, just get rid of it. You should of course keep those you know you’ll wear again.
  • If your accessories are broken and can not be repaired, or if they simply doesn’t fit you anymore, let them go.
  • If your shoes are way to small, or big you might as well just throw them out. This also counts if they are damaged or not your style anymore.
  • Hangers that you don’t use because they are absolutely crappy and doesn’t do their job.
  • Dead bedding.
    Still wearing that old bedding with holes in it? Might as well throw them out and replace them with something that makes sleeping more welcoming
  • Torn up towels.
    Just like with the bedding. Drying yourself in a holed or stained towel just makes bathing a little less enjoyable. Out they go.
  • Old makeup or nail polish.
    There is a reason that both makeup and nail polish has an expiring date. When old, these won’t function optimally, and instead just make a mess, and make putting on either of them a hassle.
  • Hair accessories.
    Throw out all broken items, and all items you know you’ll actually never use. This also goes for hair tools.
  • Unused or unopened gifts.
    Gifts you got 100 years ago, and never opened or used. Might as well give them to someone else or throw them out. No, it never feels good to throw something away that you got from someone, but if you know you’ll never use it, then why keep it?
  • Extra dishware. Somehow I always end up with 15 mugs more than I actually use, and I don’t know how it happens. If you too have a LOT of extras in the kitchen department that you never use, try giving it to someone who needs it, or simply throw it out. Honestly, smashing dishes can be very stress relieving.
  • Cookbooks you never use.
    If you are like me, you might have around 50 cookbooks that you never use. If you KNOW you’ll never use them, just throw them out. You can find the same recipes on the internet in case you need them.
  • Expired food.
    Take a tour in your kitchen and check the labels. If some of it is too old and looks/smells disgusting, give it to the trash.
  • Cleaning products.
    No, it’s not necessary to keep every single cleaning product you have. If you have 5 different dish soaps, and you only use one kind, get rid of the rest!
  • Magazines or catalogs
    I was once hoarding these in large numbers (well I still have a lot). But if you have a lot of magazines just laying around because you might use them some day. Well throw it out. I bet you’ll just forget about it and never use it. And in case you need to find that one thing in that one magazine-ask Google! Mind though, if you have some magazines that you hold dear, of course you can keep them, I did the same. But please throw those out just laying around doing nothing.
  • Furniture you don’t know where to put.
    If it doesn’t fit your style, you don’t have space for it or it doesn’t fit in anymore. Try selling or donating that extra furniture just standing and taking up space.
  • Rugs
    Throw out all old, stained or gross rugs. Get a new one instead if you really need it.
  • Dead plants.
    I’m one of those people who LOVE flowers and greenery… I just don’t have green fingers at all. If you- like me- end up killing some of those plants, just throw them out. They have no purpose anymore. ☹
  • Wall décor that’s just there.
    You got any wall décor that you don’t really like anymore? Why keep them if you don’t think they are beautiful or in some way serving you a purpose? Out they go.
  • Old or unused electronics.
    If you have some type of electronics that you aren’t using anymore, try either selling them away to someone that could use them, or give them to someone you know need it. Mind if you have manuals for any of these too- might as well throw them out, most manuals are online nowadays.
  • Books, DVD’s and CD’s.
    With everything getting more and more digital, who needs DVS’s and CD’s when you can find your music or movies online. You can of course keep those you hold dearly, but the rest of them, that you are just Out with them! Same with books. Keep those you love and know you’ll read again. Donate the rest or throw them out.
  • Old receipts.
    Unless they are from a really big or expensive purchase or you need them for something else, throw them out. You can’t use them anymore anyways.
  • Office supplies.
    Dried out pens, broken colours, dried highlighters or other things like these. Just throw them out.
  • Crafty things you’ll never use.
    Stacks of extra fabric, paper, or craft supplies you don’t see yourself using the next months or so, donate it or give it to someone you know.
  • Old school stuff.
    I just recently got rid of my old school papers, homework and notes. This was after a long battle of “what if’s” because what if I end up having to use them? Well nowadays you can learn anything online, and beside this… well… I hadn’t even looked at them ones since I got out of school (which is around 5 or 6 years ago now)
  • Board games that are broken or you don’t play.
    If you have any board games you never play, or if they are broken/miss pieces. Just throw them out.
  • Broken or unused sports equipment.
    Maybe it seemed cool to play once 7 years ago, but if you haven’t played it since. Time to throw it out.
  • Things you will fix “soon”.
    “Soon” always become later, and then never happens. Got any things you wanted to fix, but never did? If they have been laying around for more than a year, and you didn’t have to use it, out they go.
  • Old batteries or lightbulbs.
    Be attentive about where you throw these out. Most batteries or lightbulbs shouldn’t go in together with your normal thrash.
  • Pet supplies.
    Got any worn out, torn up or unused pet stuff, either donate it or thrash it.
  • Spare change.
    You probably got some coins here and there. Find them all and cash it out. You might be surprised how much money you actually have lying around.
  • Old invitations or cards.
    If you have any invitations from many years ago or old birthday (or other) cards, get rid of them if they hold no sentimental value to you.



That’s all for this time. I hope this help at least some of you to declutter! 😊

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!



Luna ❤


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