Why onions you might ask?

Well, that’s because onions are easy and cheap to incorporate in your food.


And exactly WHAT is it good for? Well…

  • Promotes healthy digestion.
    Onions contains a fiber called inulin that helps your body maintain a good level of healthy bacteria in your body. Beside this there is natural ingredients in the onions that can help ease constipation
  • Helps keeping your bones healthy.
    A study has shown that women who ate onions regularly had 5% more bone mass than those who ate less, and another swiss study has found that a compound in white onions can reduce bone loss.
  • Onions might help against allergies and inflammation
    some nutrients in onions has been shown to help prevent inflammation. They might also help against allergies since they prevent the cells from releasing histamine. Beside this, onions can also help with opening and drain sinuses, and help reducing nasal congestion.
  • Might accelerate wound healing
    because they have a lot of antibiotic effects
  • Improve your immune system
    Onions contains a mineral called selenium that can stimulate immune function.
  • Improves sleep
    In onions we find prebiotics, which has been shown to improve sleep and reduce stress.
  • Onions can give an energy boost
    Some of the fibers in onions slows digestion and keeps energy levels stable. The inulin also helps maintain your stamina levels.
  • Helps to keep your skin healthy
    Since onions are packed with vitamins (A,C and E), your skin might stay beautiful forever (well kind of at least) because these contribute to skin health. These protect the skin from aging prematurely. Beside this, onions are a powerful antiseptic that can shield the skin from bacteria that cause issues.



As with everything else I talk about on here: REMEMBER: everything in moderation 😊


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time ❤





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