For me, yoga is a great way to stay healthy in both body and mind and therefore I aspire to do at least a little of this every day.

There is one trillion yoga poses (that is maybe a little exaggeration) and they all help with a lot of different things.

Some helps a lot with digestion, some with losing weight, others with balance and focus. There are even yoga poses to calm down and fall asleep, or to get energized and moving.
I usually do a little of each when I do yoga (I don’t always take the ones to both sleep and getting energized since that seems a little unnecessary, but tailor them more for if I actually need to calm down or if I need to get going for something I need to be pumped for)


Today I will tell you a little about the benefits of doing yoga, so that you hopefully will start doing a little bit of yoga occasionally too

  1. Increases lung capacity because you have so much focus on breathing while doing yoga
  2. Focusing on breathing in yoga also gives you more oxygen to the brain so that it will function better while improving your focus and concentration
  3. The slow breathing (I know, why so many benefits of breathing? Well because it is ESSENTIAL for living- literally) causes your body and mind to slow down and therefore balances your hormones, which makes you de-stress.
  4. Increases your arm strength- it has been shown that after 16 classes, your arm strength will have increased by 12% because so many yoga poses have you using your arms in different ways that you normally would
  5. You get a better posture by doing yoga since there is such a huge focus on how you utilize your body. This also improves your sense of balance
  6. Another study has shown, that you after 8 weeks of yoga practice increases your flexibility by 35% because your stretch and exercise your muscles so much during yoga
  7. Can help treat arthritis. Doing yoga regularly has been shown to work as pain relief for people who suffers from arthritis
  8. Makes you more flexible because you stretch both your muscles, ligaments and tendons
  9. Helps lose weight because most yoga poses stimulate the liver, activates the thyroid gland and creates the right pH- balance in the body (and just saying- some yoga poses can make you sweat. A LOT)
  10. Helps prevent lower back pain. It has been shown that if you just do two 90-minute yoga classes a week for six months, your lower back pain should be eased with 56%. This is caused because almost every yoga poses exercise your back muscles.
  11. Keeps you happy. One hour of yoga increases the levels of depression fighting chemicals in your brain by 27%
  12. Yoga works as anxiety relief. A study has shown that 12 weeks of yoga can helps reduce anxiety while increasing the gamma-aminobutyric levels in the brain (if the gamma-aminobutyric levels get low we are more prone to get depressed or anxious)
  13. Studies have shown that after three months of yoga practice migraine sufferers have fewer and less painful migraines
  14. Yoga might fight food cravings. Yoga means you have to be aware of your breathing. This has been shown to improve the awareness of the emotional sensations that are associated with consuming food and will therefore reduce eating mindlessly.
  15. Aids with digestion. Especially poses that includes twists applies a gentle pressure to the abdomen, which stimulates and stretches the muscles in your stomach and therefore align your organs to function better


This is a crazy amount of benefits I know, and that is exactly why I love yoga!


Now with all this in mind, go out, enjoy some yoga and have a ball with it!


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤









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