So… mental exercise… who here practices that daily? Weekly?
Well I don’t, and not many people I know do… So here is 12 reasons to start doing some mental exercise:

  1. Improve your verbal skills
  2. Helps and challenges both your short and long time memory to boost it
  3. Makes you think more logical
  4. Improves your attention and focus
  5. Keeps your healthy by challenging it at least a couple of days a week
  6. Can boost your base level brain functions
  7. Makes it easier to problem solve
  8. Can increase your IQ- well because learning makes you smarter
  9. Makes you think faster
  10. Improves your self-esteem- we feel better about ourselves when we do something good for ourselves
  11. Lower your risk of dementia and Alzheimers
  12. Increases productivity because you now think faster and are more focused


So now that we know that we SHOULD exercise our brains at least a couple of days a week. But how? Well there are a lot of ways. The ones I use the most are these:

  • The app “Duolingo” to learn new languages
  • YouTube: to use learning programs or watch debates. Finding someone who do not agree with you about something makes your brain do a lot of thinking. It might be good once in a while to get your opinions challenged
  • Sudokus
  • Crosswords
  • The app “elevate”
  • The app “memorado”
  • Board games which are logic and strategy games. Like Trivial pursuit or RISK.
    I especially love playing board games with friends or family, so you get to spend quality time with your loved ones AND exercise your brain 😉
  • Youtubers like: “the infographics show”, “asapSCIENCE”, “Crash Course” or “TED-ed” are some of my favorites


Now go out and learn!


I hope you all have a happy life one day at a time 😊

Xoxo ❤





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