Hello everyone!  Today we will look a little at how you can save money. A couple of months ago I was at a still stand, where I earned no money, and got no money, so these have been very handy!

I hope this will help some of you guys out there, who need some ideas to save money.



  1. Use the library. You can not only borrow books but also movies, games and music, so instead of buying new, try looking for what you need in the library.
  2. Borrow from your friends or family. This can apply to almost anything, as long as you take care of their stuff, you could end up saving a lot of money.
  3. When washing clothes. Try washing your clothes in colder water and air dry it afterwards.
  4. Buy in bulk. When shopping for food or supplies, buy big amounts of the stuff that has a very low price (this only applies to things that can stay good for long)
  5. DIY everything possible.
  6. Fix stuff by yourself instead of buying new.
  7. Turn down heat, air conditioner or warm water supplies.
  8. Cancel subscriptions to make sure you won’t be tempted to buy anything
  9. Shop with Ebates. Ebates gives you money back for online shopping you have to do anyways.
    (I haven’t tried this, but heard a lot of good things from bloggers that I follow)
  10. Use the Ibotta app. Ibotta offers cash back on a lot of items, you simply just scan the items and the receipt after shopping, and you will get cash back.
    (Same with Ebates, haven’t used this since it doesn’t work in Denmark)
  11. Cook yourself instead of buying take away-this also goes for packing lunch instead of buying.
  12. Renegotiate your bills whenever possible.
  13. Use coupons whenever possible.
  14. Stick to drinking water
  15. Pretend you make less money than you do
  16. Use cheap transportation like biking and walking or try to carpool
  17. Never go grocery shopping when hungry, and restrain from shopping when in a bad mood (I always, and I mean ALWAYS buy stupid s**t when I shop when hungry)
  18. Cancel gym memberships and make a at-home-gym (often we just pay for it and does not use it)
  19. Don’t save any credit card information on your phone to avoid any impulse spendings
  20. Try growing your own food
  21. Make a list when you have to grocery shop, then stick to it
  22. Put on extra clothes before turning up the heat
  23. Always pay off dept, or it will end up being an enormous amount of money that you owe
  24. Shop at thrift stores
  25. Meet friends at home of for a coffee, not for dinner. This way you won’t be tempted to eat out.now a few ways to make a little extra money
  26. Sell stuff you don’t need
  27. Use Achievemint- this doesn’t make a lot of money but a little goes a long way, you earn points by walking, biking, running and more. When you have gotten 10.000 points you then earn 10 dollars.
  28. Use Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for doing simple things like switching your search engine or watching videos.
    (Like Ebates and Ibotta, I heard a lot of good things about Swagbucks from bloggers I follow (like makingsenceofcents ) without being able to use them because they do not Work in Denmark yet)
  29. Use InboxDollars. This one is a lot like Swagbucks, where you get paid for doing small chores like watching videos and answering surveys
    (You guessed it *look at #28)
  30. Use TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a website where you can do different chores for other people, it’s easy and you can work at your own pace.
  31. Invest your money. The stock market can be a complicated thing, but investing your money is one of the easiest ways to earn money, as long as you do not do it blindly. I suggest reading a little about investing before actually doing it, but once you get the hang of it, you can learn a lot by investing your money.Money Challenge ideas
  32. For every time you have shopped, put your change in a 2-litre bottle. After filling it you should have at least 400 dollars.
  33. The daily saving challenge. Each day is equal to an amount of money. The first day is 1, second is 2 and so on, after one month you should have 456 dollars saved.
  34. Try the no spending challenge. This means you can only use money on the absolutely most necessary


Lastly, here is a budgeting template that I use. I didn’t make it myself, but I still use it almost always. It found it at lightroompresets


If you’re not into templates try downloading an app like GoodBudget to keep track on your budget.


Thats all for this time, I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 😊



Luna ❤


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