Long time no see guys and welcome.

Today we will get up close and personal, which means you’ll get a lot of information about what I am doing right now, and especially about how awesome it is to be an apprentice at JYSK.

This means you get to sit back, relax and just listen to my story about why I am so busy now, and how it feels to have a lot to do.

First of all, I just want to get it out there: it’s hard to be a grown up, and it’s hard to adult (this means doing stuff you normally associate with being an adult, like doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning and actually getting to work every day).
This fact only hit me about one month ago when my boyfriend and I moved in together. We got 100% independent and had to rely on ourselves (of course we get help when we need it for bigger things, but daily stuff suddenly seem hard to do)

I went from taking school lightly (when you felt just a little ill, you could just stay home and no one would bat an eyelash) to going to work continually every day even with a fever, headache, a sprained foot or a bad influenza (even though I got sent home with influenza because I looked like a trainwreck).

I went from occasionally emptying the dishwasher to having to take care of your own dishes. Every. Single. Day.

I went from cleaning once in a while in my parent’s house, to having to clean once a week (who knew it got that dirty just living in an apartment)

I went from helping with cooking occasionally to cooking every day (at least we are two, so it becomes a little easier)

I went from having someone else wash my clothes, to figuring out how in the world to clean the clothes myself.

I went from not having to worry about paying bills, checking the mail, locking the doors and using all my money on fun. Now there suddenly are so many responsibilities you never saw coming, that you just HAVE to take care of.

And after finding out all this, and the many more things you have to do while adulting (when you behave like an adult) I have so much more respect for grown ups!

I thought I had it hard going to school from 8-15 and then home, wait for dinner (maybe go to some sort of sport) and go to sleep. But honestly as an adult I suddenly have to go to work from 9-17 (sometimes more, sometimes less of course), then get home around 18, cook, eat, do the dishes and suddenly the clock is around 21. That was one day almost completely done.

I absolutely give out the biggest applause to the adults doing that everyday while juggling with other work, children, hobbies and other stuff on the side. You guys are seriously awesome!! ❤


Now to the funnier part…

Actually working at JYSK

I have been working at JYSK for almost 5 months now and it has been such an ride. The store I work at is in a smaller city, so the opening hours are great, not to early up, not to late home.

The work is kind of hard since JYSK is a store that sells “everything to a good nights sleep” and other smaller and different stuff to make a great home look and feel beautiful. This means you get to meet rude customers, nice customers and plain weird customers, which is really fun when you like observing people. Now selling stuff like beds and so on, also means that you literally sometimes will have to lift a bed. Of course we have resources to make this easier for us to do, but some beds, dressers or closets are not easy to handle and can weight up to 50kg or more. So beside having to be mentally prepared for all kinds of customers, you also have to be ready to lift a lot of heavy stuff, together with walking A LOT. I honestly went from walking around 3000steps every day to walking between 8000-12000 on a normal day, some days 16000 steps.


Now my place at JYSK is as an apprentice, and I have my own personal area in the store to take care of. This is all the small stuff. This means like, bathroom stuff, stuff for interior design, towels, storage, carpets, plaids and cushions and other “smaller” stuff like this. This is 100% what I want since I love the designing and creative part of the stores, where I get to decorate.

These are for example some of the exposures(?) I have made and they look like this:



When I started as an apprentice in July I was kind of afraid that the boss would be way to bossy and everyone would make me do all the hard work no one wanted (because that was what I was told would happen by my former school)

Instead I was greeted with a young team (the boss is the oldest and she is 26) of energetic and relaxing people who know how to both get the work done and also have fun while doing it.


The workspace is filled with intern competition with rich opportunity to both “win” some extra goods, like dinner, new pillows/duvets or other goodies. Beside this our suppliers also make competitions for us, so if we do a good job we can win cinema trips, casino trips with limo, dinner and so much more. Now another thing you have an opportunity at with JYSK is getting a bonus. Say If we do a good job 3 months in a row we will get a small bonus, so no matter how hard you work your salary will be reflected of this(well you won’t be cut in salary, but every time you do great there is good opportunity for you to be rewarded for it)


For something completely else, since JYSK is such a huge corporation we also have our own school that we have to go to as long as you are an apprentice. So for me, I had my first 2 weeks in October where I went to a golf & spa resort (this place is owned by the founder of JYSK and is also the place the school is placed). We had to be there for 2 weeks but had an opportunity to go home in the weekend. The ones staying at the resort (or at least most of them) would go partying in the weekend in the nearest big city, and also have the opportunity to use the resort “as we pleased”. For the weekend we would even get “pocket money” for either partying or just staying home and relax with candy (or whatever we wanted to stay home and relax with).

himmerland spa & golf resort

The two weeks were all paid by JYSK, which means we were staying there, eating there and using their activities (like swimming pools, gyms, golf courses and spa for free). For example at Wednesday the spa place was closed to the public and only us students could go there alone. It was a great place with a lot of different spa’s like foot spa, steam, salt spa, outdoors spa, “vikinge” spa which is super cold, saunas, showers and foot massaging “hot/cold” baths.

Salt spa
Normal Spa
varmkold bad
Hot & cold foot massage
Foot spa




Staying there also means you might get lucky and even win in bowling (ahem)

Bowling (I Won. muhahhaha)


Beside getting all these benefits, we would be going to school from 8-17, which means either sitting still/doing activities that all has something with our stores to do or going on trips to visit our suppliers. Especially visiting our suppliers was super cool since some of them use the same stuff in their pillows as we use as fake snow in a lot of great movies. It looks like this



We also learned something about down, feathers, fibers, and saw some of the different types of pillows you can actually get

procent dunfossflakes-produkter.jpg

Lastly we got to see our big stock building which contains all our goods and there are A LOT



So even though it was super cool to be at the school, it was also super hard, especially as an introvert who had nowhere to “flee” since we were on 4-man rooms.


All in all I’m super happy and super busy (there is surely a lot to do) but I enjoy every minute of it.

I will of course keep on posting stuff for you guys, but now you might know why it has not been so consistently lately.


I truly love you guys, and I’ll look forward to the next time


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤





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