I have always had a really bad habit; eating when I am bored… or happy…or sad… Actually, I would just grab something to eat anytime I could.
It was never like a big meal or anything, just constant snacks. When I watched television, I would eat something, while doing homework I would eat too, and who doesn’t need a snack when you are with your friends too. Basically, anytime it is possible, I felt like eating something.
I have been combatting this for quite some years now, especially since I get sick if I do not eat often enough.
That is why it has just been easier to never stop eating… of course that didn’t work out well, and I ended up putting on a bit of weight and overall just feeling more tired (obviously it is NOT healthy to eat whenever possible, so I have tried a lot of things, to stop this from happening)

After realizing that I did not have too eat all the time to keep my blood sugar in check, I still kept on eating simply because I was used to doing just that. The snacks could go from an apple, but sometimes I might just eat a bar of chocolate instead- what I great idea, huh? (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

Some days I would even go look at what is in the fridge about 20 times a day. Not necessarily to eat something, but I just had to check out if the fridge had all the answers to my questions- spoiler: it didn’t.
To this day whenever I visit my parents, I take a look in their fridge as one of the first things. Not so much to eat anything, but just to see what’s up.


If you are like me, and eat based on emotion, or just eat because you have a hand free: this post might be just for you


One of the first things I talked about on this blog, was actually the post 35 things to do beside eating out of boredom, so if you want to see how far we have come since then, you can go read that- just a disclaimer though, this post includes pretty much the same, but more.


Now first things first. If you are eating because of a psychological problem, these tips are NOT the ones to seek out first. Before going into these, try reaching out to someone first, find out exactly where your trouble resides, and try solving that problem weighing you down.
Talk to someone, preferable a professional, but second best; a friend or someone you trust.
No matter what troubles you have or how deep inside you they reside, I hope everything will go well for you, and I will forever cheer you on! (cheering intensifies)


Now to the actual things you can do instead of eating:

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Make a cup of your favorite tea/coffee

    I especially love making tea in my cafetiere
  3. Take a long walk
  4. Go for a run or jog
  5. Dance
  6. Read your favorite book, or start reading a new one

    “There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway
  7. Walk your dog- or cat -or hamster (If that is possible)

    Or just stay with them outside
  8. Look at old pictures

    Me being cheeky when I was very small
  9. Watch a movie

    The Princess Bride- 1987
  10. Just take 10 deep breaths, then 10 more, then 10 more…
  11. Finish a project you have stalled forever
  12. Go work in your garden

    I have a small “garden”, but it makes me happy when something I have raised on my own looks this good
  13. Pamper yourself

    “A mask nourishes your face, like water nourishes a flower” – Me right now 😛
  14. Play some kind of game – computer, playstation, board game, doesn’t matter

    League Of Legends
  15. Go for at bike ride
  16. Clean something, maybe one whole room in your house
  17. Get a furry friend- I’m not saying you have to get a pet, but you could borrow a friends pet for a day- for me, animals always make me smile
  18. Write a list of stuff that makes you happy
  19. Take a loooong bath
  20. Do your chores – might as well get them out of the way

  21. Run an errand
  22. Check and de-clutter all you mail – both email and mailbox
  23. Write about something great that has happened to you
  24. Stretch or do some yoga
  25. Doodle or draw
  26. Go to a local event

    “Old Car event” at Orleans when I lived there
  27. Get a beauty treatment/change your hairstyle (I once had red hair that faded into orange)

    Blurry photo because it is ooooold
  28. Clean out your closet and donate what you don’t use
  29. Brush your teeth
  30. Do something that makes you laugh- funny videos , a great movie or maybe just a great imagination could do the trick

    My lamp being projected in my boyfriends glasses
  31. Paint your nails
  32. Learn something new

    Once made this because why not- maybe not the best idea for what to do when you want to eat, but at least you cannot eat more than one piece 😉
  33. Play with makeup

    A favorite hobby of mine is to play with colours and makeup- this was for carneval a year ago where we went all rainbow
  34. Try something completely new, like going fishing, or bowling, or whatever 😉

    2013-07-12 14.43.23
    My first fish
  35. Write a to do list I looooooooove lists
  36. Do something creative

    A bracelet I made long ago
  37. Do something you have wanted to for a long time (I tried winter bathing once-that is SO cold)

    This was in the middle of the winter and SUPER cold
  38. Go to the zoo

    Best thing with zoo’s? PANDAS!
  39. Hug someone- preferable someone you know 😛
  40. Go take some pictures – I love playing with my camera and you can get some really pretty shots sometimes

    From a vacation in Austria
  41. Go shopping – or fake it. You can put stuff in your shopping cart (online that is) and just don’t buy it when you are done craving food
  42. Go to an animal park

    I just really love animals 😉
  43. Visit family
  44. Go watch the beautiful nature
  45. Set up some kind of performance

    From when I went to “Efterskole” which is a kind of boarding school I guess
  46. Go sightseeing in your hometown

    From when I lived in Orleans
  47. Spend time on your favorite platform – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook – you name it
  48. Exercise

    Golf counts as exercise too!



What do you guys usually do when you are bored?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


5 thoughts on “48 Things to do instead of eating…

  1. I had such a huge problem with my snacking, mainly in the evening, but I knew I had to stop it somehow. Just started at the beginning of the month so I’ve been doing well but I do have to keep myself busy and occupied lol.
    This is such a fantastic list you’ve compiled. I might try a few of these that I’m not already doing. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snacking definitely is a bad habit that is really hard to get rid of!
      I really need to concentrate on doing something else too, so that i won’t start eating 😉
      Thank you very much, I hope it will go well for you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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