It may come as no surprise, but I- just like many other people – get sudden cravings for chocolate once in a while.

Some people get them once a blue moon and others have them all the time.


When I get my chocolate cravings- which luckily I do not often get – I tend to OVERDO it. I just end up eating 20kg chocolate (maybe a little exaggeration but you get what I mean)

Therefore today is dedicated to chocolate, dark chocolate that is, so that hopefully next time we will be able to limit ourselves to a bit of dark chocolate instead of whatever type of chocolate we can get our hands onto.

This is how my chocolate collection at home can look. at least two of them are 70% 😉


FIRST: why you should eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate

In short: dark chocolate generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate, and if you chose a cocoa percentage of 70% and higher, it will taste more bitter and often make you eat less than you would if it was sweet.



NOW: the actual benefits


  1. It is nutritious
    Dark Chocolate contains both fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc
  2. It has a boatload of antioxidants
    Actually both cocoa and dark chocolate have weirder variety of antioxidants than most other foods
  3. Might lower blood pressure
    Because of the biological compounds in here. It is just a small decrease though, and some studies showed it DID, but others showed it DIDN’T, so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. May reduce risk of heart disease
    Some of the compounds found in here can also cause much less cholesterol to lodge up in your arteries, which will result in lower risk of heart disease.
  5. Might protect your skin from the sun
    This is because the flavanols in chocolate improves blood flow to the skin, increases hydration and skin density and therefore protects against sun damage.
    Just DO NOT forget to wear sunscreen guys, chocolate does not count as sunscreen (that is a sentence that I thought I would never say, haha 😉 )
  6. Can improve brain function
    This is also caused by the increased blood flow
  7. Contains anti-inflammatory properties
    Inflammation is a natural immune response from the body, but it is not healthy to have chronic inflammation since that can cause type 2 diabetes or arthritis. 


At this point, you know why you should eat dark chocolate, so go have fun with it 😉



As a disclaimer: this month’s Goodiebox review has been postponed to next week, due to a laaaaate delivery (shame on you Goodiebox/deliveryman)



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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