This box I wanted to review last week, but it ended up coming so late, that my “usually” post time would not fit.

I actually only got my hands on the July box one hour before the post should be out, and that is not enough time to review 5 products and write a post about it.

Usually I get my Goodiebox Wednesday before 7 am, but this time I got it on Saturday morning instead. That was very saddening, but if we but that aside for a second, lets look at the theme for the box


I was so afraid that this box was going to be an over the top box as a shout out to the LGBTQIA* community, because of their spoilers on their Instagram page.

Now, there are a lot of super talented and great people in that community, but they are not the one that are Goodiebox’s main audience.

Therefore, I was afraid we would get over the top rainbow and sparkly stuff, simply because I feel like that (unfortunately) is how they get represented by the media.

Well enough of me ranting about false representation; the media showing the LGBTQIA* community like magical sparkly unicorns, and never like the amazing, maybe even down to earth, beautiful people that they are… That we all are.

Let’s go look at the actual theme of the box.

Wear your pride

This box is their 100’th box, and therefore a shout out to all the followers. We (the followers) represents the adventurous, curious and the feeling of giving yourself a pat on the back.

The box celebrates everyone who dares to be different and finds happiness in their own way. They want to inspire people to have the courage to be themselves.

In short: hooray for uniqueness!

The box has a beautiful design, and contains 5 full size products, so here we go!

Niré – domed blending brush


Their words:

The 210 domed blending brush is perfect for applying and blending your eyeshadow pigment or concealing the under-eye area.

My thoughts:

Beautiful shimmery design! The brush itself was harder than I thought it would be and I might have wanted it a bit softer.

The brush blended pretty well and east, without taking into much of the eyeshadow pigment.

Just as the last Niré brush I got; the packaging is beautiful once again. Their products are vegan friendly, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. Love, love, love!

I will use this another time for sure.

Costs 97DKK (13Euro) and you can buy it here if you want it too!

LARITZY cosmetics- Athena Eyeshadow collection


Their words:

With this palette you can find your inner Athena, and make a look inspired by the goddess for war, handcraft and art. Go all in on pride with a warpaint in pretty pigmented colours, or make a more subtle look with the warm, matte colours.

My thoughts:

First; the design; The palette has a very simple and pretty packaging with names under the colours (thank you!)


It has a nice mirror and the vines on the inside is a great touch that really reminds me of ancient Greece.


There are four mattes and 5 shimmers in the palette, and there are a fairly big amount of eyeshadow too. The palette overall has only pink/golden/orange tones, even though calypso seems a little brown, it is still a very warm colour.

The 4 mattes:

Easy to swatch and they look like beautiful base colours. The did show up fairly well on the lid, considering the fact that I am right now primer-less. They are also very blendable 😊

The 5 shimmers:

Also easy to swatch ( but the colour goddess was a “ugly” swatch from me, sorry about that). It is once again not as pigmented on the lid as the arm, since I did not wear primer, but it showed up well. I would have liked a little more glitter to show up though, but that is probably my fault for killing my primer. On a side note: I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE THE COLOUR ODESSEY!


I then tried to create 3 looks with these 9 shades (tbh you can make a lot more) I am sorry for the “bad” pictures, but apparently I could not get any of my cameras to do as I wanted when I took them ☹ – that is also the explanation for my weird sulky faces on the pictures, haha

Look 1:

A very cute look with lots of pink tones in it. I tried to keep it natural and romantic with the colours NOX as a base, HERO in the crease and JUSTICE as a light shine on top. The colours were all very blendable, but the shimmer was very subtle.


Look 2 & 3. Day to night look.

This look is a day-to-night look, where you can use the “base” for an everyday look, and then pump it up a bit for a night iut.

For the day look I used CALYPSO all over the lid, and stuck with ATLAS in the crease and a bit underneath to frame the eye.

When I went for the night look I popped on ODYSSEY on and under the lid to make it pop. Then you can just add some highlighter, a bit of liner and a bold lip.

As said before; the pictures are not great, so it might be a bit hard to see the difference, but overall the first one is very natural and the second one gives a little sparkle and feels a little deeper.

I will be using this palette again and again, and honestly it is the most expensive eyeshadow palette I got, so I really cherish it.

It costs 320DKK (43Euro) but unfortunately I apparently cannot find it anywhere. Fingers cross it comes soon!

Naobay – protective conditioner


Their words:

Baobab and Safflor oil make your hair shine. This product is natural and contains shea butter and organic Argan & apricot oil that enriches the hair.

My thoughts:

This is a very cute and feminine design. A bit of the conditioner had run out of the bottle before I had opened it, so when I went to smell it, I put my nose right into the conditioner.

The scent is nice and natural, and the conditioner itself felt a little slippery and thin. It made my  hair softer, just not AS soft as I would like to.

I did not feel any extra shine and it mostly felt like a standard good conditioner, but it is organic which I really like.

I will probably use it up, but I won’t buy a new one after that.

The price is 89DKK (12Euro) which is pretty normal, but too much compared to the standard I have for my conditioners.

Manucurist – bird of paradise – green nail lacquer


Their words:

Our green line has been designed to be as natural and respectful as possible for the planet. Vegan and cruelty free.

My thoughts:

I think that it is really awesome with a vegan and cruelty free nail lacquer.

It is a bright coral colour that dried in under two minutes. I am on the verge of thinking this colour might not suit me though. It does make my hand seem a little tanner and summerier, but I am still of the fence.


It costs 104,5DKK (14Euro) which I honestly feel is a bit much. But compared to the great quality and the fact that it is vegan and cruelty free, it feels fair.

You can buy it here

INC.Redible – chase your rainbow sheet mask


Their words:

After the rain must come a rainbow, so get chasing those goals right now! Brimming with energy-boosting activities to liven up dull skin, this is the mask to get you beaming.

My thoughts:

I was so excited to try this on!

The mask is said to be cruelty free, nourishing and hydrating.

I literally laughed out loud when I both saw and wore this mask. It is a bit too long for my face, and not quite wide enough.

I felt kind of stupid looking, but quickly forgot until I passed my mother in the living room and she looked a bit taken aback. We both agreed that I looked beautiful though, and so I moved on.

With beauty comes great responsibility- this defenitely felt like some sort of weird superhero disguise

The mask itself was nice and cool when I got it on and kept being cooling all the time I wore the mask. For once this mask stayed put on my face, so I could actually move around and do whatever I wanted while wearing it. My normal sheet masks seem way to slippery and slide off unless I’m very careful.

My face felt moisturized, bright and super comfortable afterwards, so I am getting interested in trying out some of their other masks. It was super easy to massage the excess into my skin compared to other masks I have tried, but my face did feel kind of sticky afterwards though. Some time passed, and so did the sticky feeling.

It costs 41DKK (5,5Euro) which I think is an okay price for this mask. If you are interested you can buy it on their website

Overall, I am happy with the products in the box, but not so much with the delivery.

What is the weirdest face mask you have ever tried?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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