*Spoilers- this post will be infested with pictures of my handsome dog Cody so beware


I guess by now – if you have been here fore a while- you know that I love animals.


Animals can be cute, funny, adventurous and great company. For the most time though, I just find them cute and quirky.

As you might also know, I got a dog- translated to: my parents have a dog, but we got it partly for my sake and I lived with him (the dog) for 6 years before moving out.

Because of my dog Cody; a cute and very quirky shih tzu, I had an easier time crawling out of my depression.

Cody deciding that a table is the perfect place to rest!

That’s why today we will have a talk about why it could be a good idea to get a pet.


First off: you should NOT get a pet just because it could be good for you, if you do not have the time, money or energy to do it.

A pet is not just a tool for you to use, it is a long-time companion and friend that will help you and stay with you in tough times, if you put in the time, love and energy it takes to raise them. Remember to also pick a pet that fits into your activity level and lifestyle.

Well, of course there is also the obvious; you have to actually like animals. A quick and easy tip: don’t get a dog if you hate dogs.


Now what are some of the benefits of getting a pet?

  • You grow up
    Because you get someone you need to take care of, and therefore grow being more responsible.
  • You get a companion through life
    Pets can often feel the love they get, and they are really great at giving love back to you too.
  • You have a great excuse for getting exercise
    this is of course different if you got a turtle or something, but if you do have a dog or a horse, get out there! They need fresh air, and so do you.

    If we are not taking a walk- we can at least just relax outside
  • Makes you better at keeping routines
    Pets needs to be fed, aired and taken care of everyday, often at the same time every day. And therefore, you might also get better at maintaining your own routines.
  • You get non-social social interactions
    No one can live completely without seeing or talking to other people, therefore having a pet accompanying you, gives you both someone to talk to and live with.
  • Can reduce anxiety
    Having a pet or something fluffy to cuddle can often help with anxiety. Go grab your pet, cuddle it, and take some deep breaths.
  • Makes you happy
    Spending just 15-30 minutes with your pets can help boost your serotonin levels and therefore lift your spirits.
  • You will never be alone
    pets can accompany you in your good and bad times. If you miss someone, if you are all alone, single or maybe lost your other half. A pet can be a comfort in these times, and makes sure you are not alone and got someone to love.

    2013-06-24 10.35.43
    Cody accompanying me in good and bad times- this time me being sick
  • Can help with depression.
    This was one of the reasons we got out dog in the first place.
    A dog does not literally help with a depression like POOF now you feel god, but taking the earlier points into account all go towards the fact that getting a pet can make you happy.
    For me, I had someone to talk to, cuddle and help me with getting both exercise & healthy routines into my daily life.
    I got someone who also loved me unconditionally, and could feel if I was sad- in another way than my family could. Do not misunderstand though, my family did everything they could for me at that time, but honestly when you are as low as I was then; human interactions didn’t do much for me because no matter what they did there was a possibility that they said something “wrong”. Something that just did not feel right in my brain. A pet could never do that, because they keep silent- for the most part that is.
2013-06-24 10.33.29
At the time of my depression, just having someone there was a great comfort

That was my favorite reasons to get a pet.


NOW, what pet should you get! I have listed a few types of pets (some of the ones that I think are most common) and what they need. They will be “explained” with 4 different categories.



This pet needs you to take care of it often.

It cannot be alone all day and night. You can’t have this pet if you always overwork or goes drinking/to a lot of social gatherings. If you really want this pet, you should be ready to make time for it.

When Cody get’s lonely, he tends to hide somewhere that reminds him of family. Like suitcases when we have been out travelling, or maybe even the laundry.



This pet needs space to play on and stay on.

Maybe it needs a large garden or grass area, it might need a big place to stay/sleep.

Small dogs can stay in small spaces- but they need some place to have fun on too
2013-06-23 15.42.12
Cody defenitely likes being able to dig through the dirt in the garden



This pet needs a routine to be happy.

It should ne fed, walked or trained at a certain time every day, so make sure you are ready to commit.

2014-01-18 14.37.30
Even when the weather makes them look like this- they have to be walked too



This pet can be very expensive.

It might need regular doctor visits, eat a lot of food and overall need a lot of stuff like toys, leash, bed, special lighting and so on.

The bean bag was going out, but this mighty king decided to use it for his advantage- a rather good place to sleep.


Then let’s look at some pets



  • Routines
  • Time
  • Money
  • Space
A dog that is not Cody? you might ask. This is Charlie; a handsome boy I met on a vacation to Spain.



  • Money
  • Routine
Arthur- the cat the family I stayed with in France owned.



  • Space
  • Money
  • Time
  • Routine
Two beautiful horses relaxing in the forest



  • Money
Turtles need special space and lighting, and can therefore be very expensive


Smaller animals that of course needs a bit of all four categories but not “too” much-cleaning once a week/ daily feeding and “normal” pet chores.


  • Fish
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Birds
Birds?? Just don’t take these home.
These look more like the type you want to own 😉
Rabbits- in case you don’t know what they look like


That are some of my most ordinary pets, but of course there is one million, billion, trillion others you can choose.


Please remember to choose a pet wisely, making sure it fits your lifestyle, make sure to give it all the love in the world, and treat them well. Thank you!



Do you guys own a pet, and what type?

I absolutely love animals, so please let me hear 😊



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


3 thoughts on “Why getting a pet could be just what you need

  1. Dogs truly are magical creatures and I totally agree that animals aren’t tools, but living beings who are deserving of time, love, and care. Totally agree that dogs can help provide routine, love, and excuses to exercise!!

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