This box was made for the awesome community on Instagram. The ones supporting each other, and always keeping real, sharing our lives.

In the box were these 5 Instagram worthy products

Evolve organic beauty – hyaluronic serum 200

I actually really like this serum even though I don’t use it alone, which it is designed to be able to.

It contains hyaluronic acid which is said to moisture the skin from inside and smooth our wrinkles. The pomegranate in it makes sure to soften and protect the skin

I use it first after a shower and it makes my skin all calmed, and ready for another layer of moisture.

This serum is 99% natural and I really like that about it. Beside this, the serum is in a pump, which I really love because it makes it harder for bacteria to get in there, and makes it easier to dispense without using too much.

You can get 30ml (1oz) for about 300DKK (40,2Euro) right here



Comme Deux – #Discoskin

This face mask is one of my absolutely favorites. It is fun, effective and super pretty!!

The mask is exfoliating and moisturizing (and HOLOGRAPHIC!!)

You just need a thin layer and 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Whenever I put this mask on, I get really happy. The mask looks stunning in the jar, and who doesn’t want a holographic face mask? 😉

The mask is comfortably warm when you have it on, and it stays like that for all the time you wear it. When I take it off, my face feels very clean and brightened.
Of course, this mask is as Insta-friendly as it gets, being all pretty and holographic, even though I would love some more skin benefits than just exfoliation and cleansing (since I could get that too from my favorite face exfoliator.

It costs 200DKK (26.8 Euro) and you can get it here



Mesauda Milano – Extreme Gloss

This one I was not a fan of at all.

From the start I do not really like lip glosses since I think they are way to sticky for my taste. Beside this, the colour is not really… well… my style either. (it looks really pink/purple/shimmering/weird in the bottle)

Either way I gave it a shot and excitedly my prejudice was shot down. My lips were still sticky, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be, and the colour actually looks cute when it comes on. (a bit too glittery but still cute)

I still don’t think I will use it again though, since it is still too sticky for me, and it comes off pretty quickly (I couldn’t even take a sip of tea without it coming off) ☹

The colour I got is named 108?? Honestly, I do not see where the name is, and I cannot find this gloss anywhere anymore, so maybe it is gone?



Uoga uoga moon path natural highlighter

This highlighter is the first creamy highlighter I have ever tried.

Unfortunately, it feels stickier (like wax) than creamy which is really uncomfortable and makes me want to not have it on. I have a hard time evening it out and it ends up just sitting in patches on my skin. (Anyone out there know a good way to use this kind of highlighter because I just can’t make it work!)

Beside this, it smells very much like wax which is pretty uncomfortable

I think this highlighter could have a lot of potential- after I try to take it off, it leaves a beautiful glitter and I think that glitter could be stunning

It IS 100% natural, which I really love, I am just sad the formula does not work for me at all.

I am not going to use this again, unless someone has a great idea on how to make it work without being patchy (help me guys)



Amika – Bombshell Blowout Spray

I am SO sorry guys- this product I cannot review properly for you.

The reason you ask: well… I do not own a hair dryer…

Honestly I have not used a hair dryer in many years, and I am not going to buy one, just to test this product.

The packaging in super colourful, and the spray itself does not really smell like anything. You would normally use it before blow drying your hair to give your hair extra texture and lift.

Luckily for me, it can also be used for a light hold on dry hair (which is what I did)



All in all, this box was a roller coaster, going from good, to bad, to great, to horrible really fast.

I have used the Comme Deux Discoskin and the Evolve Beauty Serum, afterwards, which are both almost used up.



Have you evert tried any of these before and what do you think?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! 🙂


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