Breathe in… do you feel it?

We all just go on; non stop online and offline striving for the best life.

We want to do it all: be a good wife, mother, husband, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend and employee. We want to be fit, pretty, honest, popular, rich and perfect.

Now breathe out.

Everything in this box is made for you to slow down and look into the concept “slow living” while taking me-time to get more focus and new energy. Now relax and get into the mood with these six products



Fulgent World – cuticle pusher


Their words:

They saw, the hands are important for a good first impression. And then the impression of broad cuticles is probably pretty bad. The fine cuticle pusher is a simple tool, that pushes the skin from the cuticles away and helps your nails become even stronger and prettier.


My thoughts:

It has a cute colour, but seems very basic.

I thought it was made of rubber, but it is actually glass.

It seems very sturdy, is easy to use and does a nice job.

The cost is 59DKK (7.9Euro)




Fulgent World glass nail file


Their words:

Joy for the eyes, pampering for the nails and definitely something you can set your nails into.

With a surface made of glass, you can polish and shape your nails exactly as you want them.


My thoughts:

The fact that this file is made of glass, makes me very happy.
I feel like it is better for the environment because it will simply have a longer life, and it is sturdier and therefore won’t break easily.
It has a beautiful gradient coloring, and I absolutely love the design.

The file itself does a great job.

The cost is 79DKK (10.6Euro)




MineTan – Violet Gradual Tan Foam


Their words:

Use Violet Gradual Tan Foam to build a rich, tanned finish. A mix of violet and dark brown bronzers counteracts yellow and orange undertones in your skin and gives a natural, rich, warm tan.

Use it daily to build or maintain your existing tan with a perfect airbrushed skinfinish.


My thoughts:

Once again, cute packaging and coloring. It is a liquid that turns into a foam when you spray it out.

It is very easy to use and apply, and the fact that it is a foam, makes it easier to apply streak-free.

I normally don’t use tanning anything, but this time we will make an exception – FOR SCIENCE!

First day there is nothing to see, and to be honest after the fourth I didn’t really see anything, so I am kind of indifferent about this product…

I took a picture every day for 4 days, and they are right under here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

200 ml (6.7oz) costs 186DKK (25Euro)






Their words:

ZARKOPERFUME PINK MOLéCULE Eau de Parfum is an interpretation of the Nordic elements mixed with pink champagne: the warm breeze that comes in the spring mixed with water and the dark trees from Denmark.

A scent that signals innocence and cleanness, but with strong sensual undertones.

PINK MOLéCULE Eau de Parfum is a feminine scent with notes from elderflower, apricot, black orchid, mahogany and chords from black trees.



My thoughts:

This perfume has a nice spraying effect.

The scent is okay, but really not my style, and I am unsure if it is the elderflower, the mahogany or the black orchid.

I’m not sure I will use it again, since it feels a bit too strong for me.

One full perfume 100 ml (3.38oz) costs 800DKK (107Euro)





-417 – Time Control Firming Mask



Their words:

An amazing 2 in 1 exfoliating and nourishing mud mask based on a unique blend of rich Dead Sea Mud that deeply cleanses skin, absorbs excess oil and all traced of impurities while gently exfoliating dead skin cells and nourishing the skin at the same time.


My thoughts:

First of all, I couldn’t find any instructions on the product at all, so I had to ask the internet about it, where they (after a long time’s search) told me it had to be on for 7-10 minutes.

It is weirdly applied, and is very uneven- just look at the picture.

Normally I can apply an almost even layer, but this one just kept going around on my face

If felt nice and cool at first, like a normal mud mask, but felt pretty meh later on.

There wasn’t really any “tightening” effect when it hardened because the layer wasn’t really… a layer. But it did start itching a bit around the nose.

When I had taken the mask off, I did feel a bit brightened, but it soon went off, as I started sneezing like crazy (felt like some of the “dust” from the mask irritated my nose), and therefore had to keep wiping my nose, ruining the pleasant feeling. ☹ ¨

I never felt any exfoliating effects, and my skin has just as many impurities afterwards.

I’m not sure I will use this again, since there are so many other mud masks that I would much rather use…

Costs 260DKK (34.8Euro)




Mudmasky – Aftermask Vitamin Serum


Their words:

The natural answer after any mud mask, peel mask or any other face mask.

Feeds the skin with ocean-sourced natural vitamins to keep your skin healthy and glowing after any face mask. Nourishes and softens the skin with fresh seaweeds and sea plants. Protects your skin from external (environmental) factors when your skin is most sensitive. Does NOT contain any oils or fragrances, but feels smoother than a baby but and smells like fresh picked flowers.


My thoughts:

This serum was actually really, really nice. It balanced out my skin nicely after the -417 mudmask, and made it feel comfortable again without being greasy at all.

My skin definitely felt very smooth, maybe not baby butt smooth, but indeed very nice. As they stated, the scent is like freshly picked flowers, and I can only agree that it smells good without feeling unnatural.

The instructions were to find on the back, and I didn’t really need much more product than a pea-size. This means it’s going to last for a looooong time.

I especially love how the product is not tested on animals, paraben free and made with natural ingredients.

It costs 440dkk (59Euro) and can be bought on their website




Have you tried any of these and what do you think??



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! 😊


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