“Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living.”
If Dolly Parton’s classic could be the soundtrack to your everyday, it might be time to shake it up a bit.

New routines can be big or small, and sometimes it’s just about seeing things from another point of view – just once in a while.

Because who decided that dessert is something, we eat last, and why can’t we start the day with a sing-off?

With this box, Goodiebox hopes to help us switch it up, now we are on our way into a new season, and a good pampering session could be a good start which hopefully gives the boost we need to get ready for new routines.


The box contains 4 full size products and one sample.
Funny enough, the four full size products are all their own shade of pink, just like the cute box being pink and flowery. Cute but subtle.

In the box, I also got a card for a free product at Beauté Pacifique (if you buy for so and so much).
I have gotten stuff like that before in the box, but normally it would be for some of the products actually in the box.
I didn’t get a single Beauté Pacifique product at all, and for all I remember, I never have. That just seems very odd to me.



Well; onto the products!



AfterSpa – Magic Makeup Remover


Their words:

The Magic Make-Up Remover is an ultra-soft woven cloth that removes ALL types of makeup with just warm water. Yes, you heard us right! Simply wet your face and buff the cloth over your skin to remove even waterproof formulas.


My thoughts:

The first thing I am doing with this one is: breaking the rules! It is said on the instructions that it is important that you machine wash it before use for it to function properly.

I simply cannot do that, because I do not have my own washing machine, and spending money to wash just this item seems stupid both for my wallet and the environment. Therefore, I just gave it quick “handwash” and used it. I will of course try washing it for real later on, and see how that works out.

The cloth is suuuuper soft, and actually feels and looks like one of those out of the world soft blankets you can get.


I wet the blanket (sorry, cloth) and started taking my makeup off and what in the world! My makeup was gone SO fast, even my mascara went off in a flash – without even irritating my skin at all.

I am really impressed by this magic cloth, and will have to do more tests on it in the future- There will be a post about it, I tell you. I yet have to discover how well it does with a full face of makeup, waterproof makeup and washing- will it get my intense mascara stains off?

If it does just as well with that as it did with my everyday makeup- I’ll have to get one for every day at the week!

It only costs about 7 euro, which is cheeeeap, you only need water on it and it can be used one billion trillion times. Wallet and envoirment healthy!

Pssst: you can also get it in black on their website! (yeeees)





Essentials by Goodiebox – Face Mist


Their words:

A fresh breath of rose water and care, that recovers moisture balance in the skin with help from extracts from cottonseed and cotton flower. Keep the mist approx. 30cm. from the face, spray and wrap yourself into a refreshing cotton cloud.

Without perfume.


Calms down and protects.


My thoughts:

Another product I haven’t used before.

The spray effect was a bit uneven at first, but when I sprayed again a couple of times it came out as a perfect mist. A lot comes out of a time, so the 30cm mark you have to keep it away from your face seems a bit unreal to me. It just ends up dripping from my face if I use it 30 cm from my face, so I would recommend doing it in stretched arm instead.

It does feel very fresh, nice and cool; and I can guess why they say it calms down and refreshes.

They say it can be used over makeup too, but please do it in stretched arm too; it did not ruin my makeup at all, so I am very happy.

I might bring it to work to get a touch up throughout the day; since you get very hot and sweaty running around all day.

You can only buy this product on their website




Miqura – Lip Mask


Their words:

This lip mask quickly and effectively adds moisture and exerts a nourishing effect on the lips. The lip mask contains nourishing and softening ingredients such as jojoba oil which provide nourishment and prevent dry lips. The lip mask is suitable for use at any time of day as it sits firmly and tightly on the lips. Can be used daily.


My thoughts:

This was a perfect time to use this product because I have pretty dry lips at the moment.

I remember haven gotten their hair mask in an earlier box, and I liked that one fairly much, so I am interested to see how good this one is – and honestly, I have never tried a lip mask before so I’m so excited.

First impression is not as good as I hoped it would be…
It was kind of hard to take the mask out because everything was so slippery and didn’t sit properly in the packaging. I got to put the mask on, and good job Luna, I ripped a bit of the mask off. No idea how, but still happened…
Now there is a hole in the middle (for breathing I would guess) so I tried opening my mouth a bit- not much- and ended up having this nice, cold and gooey in my mouth. Not all of it of course, but enough to tell you that it tastes like rubber.
Now if I sit completely still, only breathing through my nose, the mask sits where it is, but if you move your mouth area (or try to open your mouth) it will loosen itself a bit, and you will have to put it on again. The mask itself was cold, at first but then just felt a bit like having jelly on your lips.

I am honestly not really a fan of this, since I should be able to use it without breaking everything apart (or swallowing the mask)

I took it off after approx. 15 minutes and my lips felt…. (drumroll please) the exact same. They were still dry, but wet. I hope that makes sense. It felt like the mask just left some liquid on my lips, but managed to do absolutely nothing about the dryness. I won’t be using this again ☹




Figs & Rouge – Wonder Love Charm Elixir


Their words:

CHARM & LOVE your complexion. Glow, Revitalise, Smooth & Hydrate with every drop.

GLOW: Distinctive Brightening & ‘Charming’ Elixir, designed to delight & intensify skins natural glow.

REVITALISE: Enrapture your skin with a perfecting & soothing complex to re-energise complexion.

SMOOTH: Multi-hued Minerals, Rose water & Rose Quartz Complex help intensify radiance & skin perfection.

HYDRATE: Delightfully hydrating with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, C & E to defend naturally against daily moisture loss.


My thoughts:

This has a super cute light pink colour scheme.
The “elixir” itself is glittery, and cute, but the drops I am supposed to use, are pretty hard to get. The formula is a bit thick, so the drops are more like lumps… or at lease very thick drops.

It was very easy to use and 3 drops were more than enough for me even though the directions said 3- drops. My skin looked brightened, felt hydrated, and was definitely glowing- literally.
The sparkles in the elixir was quite seeable on the skin after being applied, which I think is a bit weird if you go all natural afterwards (being sparkly with no makeup) but I am also unsure why it has to sparkle if you are going to put on makeup afterwards (it will just be hidden)

My makeup went on beautifully afterwards, when the elixir had dried down.

I think it will work like a charm (haha) as a type of highlighter instead. They say on the direction: if added charm is required, apply an additional drop or two to cheekbones.

I will keep on using this, at least to see how it works in the long run.

If you are interested, it can be bought on their website




Æther – Xtræm Eau De Parfum


Their words:

XTRÆM – unisex and strongly addicting scent!
Because of the combination of the highest possible concentrate of Ambroxan. This in a beautiful unity with Hedione, Irotyl, Globalide and Exaltolide, which gives a sophisticated touch of tree, flower and a hint of musk, that combined gives a subtle, sensual, warm and sexy scent.


My thoughts:

First things first: what is that description?? I got no idea what half of those things are (maybe I would if I was really into perfume, but I’m more like a casual lover.

Second things second: I think (sorry beforehand to all of you great-nosed people), that this parfum and the Æther – ætheroxyde parfum (that we got in an earlier box, but I haven’t posted yet) smells almost identical. I really don’t smell that much of a difference so the fact that this one is in the Goodiebox makes me a bit meh.

The packaging is simple and easy to handle. The scent itself is strong but not way to harsh. To me it just smells weirdly clean.

Perfume though is pretty hard to choose because we all have different scents we like – and because I am not really that good at smelling stuff and telling them apart. If I smell too much, it just ends up smelling the same.




This Goodiebox was a real trip.

I am still very disappointed about the Æther- Xtræm Eau de Parfum, which to me, could have been the same as the Æther – Ætheroxyde (none of wich I have used, or will use in the future.) They will probably be given to family so that someone (hopefully) can use them, or kept for later.


The lip mask also, what in the world. I am so disappointed that it didn’t do more for me, I really hoped it would be a success ☹


On the complete other hand- AfterSpa! What in the world, I am still blown away and I really want 10 of these to just use and re-use while feeling good about the environment and my money.



Have you ever tried any of those, and which one is your favorite?
Or which one would you like to try? 😉



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


2 thoughts on “Switch it up – Goodiebox review  

    1. Yess! Those makeup removers are The absolute Best! I have to get my hands on some ASAP.😍
      The box is actually pretty great, I usually get stuff I like and stuff I dont, but no matter what, I get to try out new stuff and I re-use The boxes to contain all of my makeup/skincare.
      It does make me happy getting it every month; especially when you get something you love☺️


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