Inspired by the seriousness of a good night’s sleep! This box is all about having a good night’s sleep (or making a bad night’s sleep look better)

There are 7 products with 6 of them being full size!


Let’s just get into the products!




Dr. Botanicals – Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi (2)

Their words:

A hydrating overnight treatment.

Satisfy your skin. Featuring an antioxidant-rich blend of natural actives, Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask is the perfect treatment for dull, thirsty skin. Using only potent and pure ingredients, this nourishing mask helps to create a brighter, healthier looking complexion.


My thoughts:

I haven’t tried this one yet, simply because I only had one night to try out two overnight products.

The review of this product will also be telling the final review of this mask in the Drømmeland Goodiebox review video on YouTube that comes out next Saturday on my YouTube Channel.

The packaging is cute and pink, but it is crazy to me that this is the full size (at least it is only 80DKK = 10,7 Euro) and you only need a thin layer per use.

It doesn’t smell like much, which I like; it is even cruelty free and vegan




Masque Me Up – Foot Peeling Mask

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi (3)

Their words:

This incredible foot peeling mask removes dead skin cells from your feet and is suitable for use by both men and women. The unique thing about this mask is that it only needs to sit on your skin for 30 minutes to attain its full effect. After 4-6 days, the dead skin cells will begin to peel off. The added amino acids protect and help to regenerate your skin’s cells, making your feet appear healthy and fresh. Remember to wash your feet after use.


My thoughts:

The description on this looks kind of terrifying to me. 4-6 days and your feet starts falling of (ha ha), but it sounds very effective. I will not be able to see the effect immediately, but will be looking forward to seeing my new and improved feet.

Once again, this mask is made like socks, which makes it easier and less messy to use. The product itself was very cold, and kept on being that for the 30 minutes I wore them.

The scent was very strong, and kind of minty, and my feet had the same scent until I had washes the rest of the product off. It was not uncomfortable, just very strong.

I will be telling the final review of these socks in the Drømmeland Goodiebox review video on YouTube that comes out next Saturday on my YouTube Channel.




Moshi Moshi Mind – Hair Towel


Their words:

Hair towel is made of microfiber, that effective and quickly dries your hair.

80% polyester, 20% Polyamid

Keeps track on your wet locks

Dries hair faster and easier

Sleep with it if you use a hair cure in the night

Machine wash at 40℃


My thoughts:

This hair towel is a lot like the one I already use (that is from a brand I do not remember) they are super convenient, so I already know I am going to like it.

I would say this one dries the hair very well, even better than the cheap ones you can get at drugstores, so I am very pleased. (just a bit unhappy that it can only wash at 40℃ since that does not kill bacteria)

I will keep on using this until it wears out, and then get a new one 😊




Polaar – Polar Night Revitalizing Cream

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi (6)

Their words:

Rich in restorative active ingredients, this smooth night care effectively regenerates and relaxes stressed and devitalized skin. While you sleep, boreal algae take care of your face for a radiant complexion in the morning.


My thoughts:

The packaging on almost all Polaar products are just crazy cute I think! The scent is very subtle and fresh without being overpowered at all.

I used this overnight and was very pleased when I woke up.

The product had not smeared all over the pillow, and my face looked bright, hydrated and healthy.

I will definitely keep on using this!



Sandstone Scandinavia – Lipglace

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi

Their words:

Fantastic, delicious, moisturizing and light lipgloss that gives a pretty glossy look without feeling sticky. Allergy Certified and Vegan.


My thoughts:

This was truly a lightweight lipgloss, and I was impressed that it didn’t feel sticky at all.

The colour was very sheer and it had a bit of a sparkle to it, but not much, overall looked cute and natural.

I was a bit let down that it went off as soon as I ate, and after re-applying it, went off after a few hours.

I might use this again, but I would have to keep the lipglace with me, to make sure I can re-apply it as soon as needed. (which is going to be often)



The Body Shop – Juicy Pear Body Butter

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi (4)

Their words:

Discover our wonderful fresh and fruity moisturizing cream for the body.

Our Juicy Pear Body Butter is a delicious and nourishing moisturizing creme that your body needs.

Your skin feels softer and nourished with a lot of moisture – and it becomes wonderfully scented.


My thoughts:

This is a good- standard – body butter from TBS.

It gives a nice soft feeling, and is moisturizing indeed, but not more than any other body butter I have tried from TBS (and I have tried a lot). The pear scent is nice and subtle, which is nice. But nothing out of the ordinary.

Good, good, and good.

I will use it up, but not buy it again, since they have other scents I love more, like their strawberry scent (They had a set with strawberry scented lip balm, shower gel and body butter, many years ago, and that scent has been my favorite since then)




Paese – Clair Brightening Concealer

73342900_823726011363431_3738512595850625024_n - Kopi (5)

Their words:

Brightening concealer. Suitable for all skin types. Perfectly masks and brightens the shadows under the eyes and removes the signs of fatigue. It makes the skin look fresh and radiant all day. Contained in the product vitamins A, C, E, PP and D-panthenol nurture and strengthen the delicate facial skin. Enriched with Basque thyroid extract, which reduces inflammation and allergies, improves and evens skin tone- reduces discoloration. Delicate, creamy texture ensures easy and comfortable application.


My thoughts:

I only wore this for about 6 hours.

After the first 4, it started crinkling around my nose, but stayed put everywhere else.

Gave a nice coverage, not 100% coverage, but did a great job covering my dark circles (the applicator was a brush, and distributed a lot of product at a time. I will use this up, but I am unsure if I will buy it again, since I normally use and love the instant anti-age eraser multi use concealer from Maybelline.





That is all for that Goodiebox!

Which one is your favourite, and have you tried any on these products before?




I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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