The “Make It Last” Goodiebox was made after summer, and made us hope, that the summer would never end. The products were chosen to make the summer last, just a little longer.
It is all about the good things, that we want to last forever, like beauty products, your favorite shoes or our closest friendships.




Nails INC. – Clarendon Street


Their words:

Sorry guys, but I cannot fint anything about this anywhere…


My thoughts:

This nail polish has a pretty peachy/rose colour that reminds me of spring, flowers blooming and sakura trees.

It has a great pigment, and only one layer is necessary; meanwhile it dried really fast.

The packaging itself seems pretty basic, which is not bad, just a little bit boring.

Weirdly enough I cannot find this product anywhere, so I am a little confused as if it has been discontinued.





Æther – Ætheroxyde


Their words:

Very far away, you sense a beautiful scent of fresh and modern tree; closer is there this weird and addictive ETHER ACCORD and a stream of love, a invisible light. And if peace had a scent? She asked a bit concerned. It could have been like this I answered. “Float with me in the world of ether” David Lynch. The quote is describing Etheroxyde: an rousing, enchanting and addicting love story.


My thoughts:

Somehow this description just seems way to weird to me, and I don’t get anything of it (sorry)

This perfume is strong but not too harsh.
It smells really clean, and only a little is necessary because it is so strong; therefore, it will last for a very long time.

The packaging is simple and easy to handle, since it is just a small but long container. It reminds me more of a mascara than a perfume.

Kind of disappointed because I got the Æther – Xtræm in this year’s September box. Come on.

It costs about 700DKK (94Euro) for 50ml (1.7oz)




Urtekram – Purple Lavender Handcreme


Their words:

Urtekram hand creme is a light and non-greasy and quick absorbing creme, that nourishes hands and nails intensive and protects even the driest hands while strengthening nails and cuticles. Nourishing organic ethereal lavender oil and botanical extracts works together with a mix of lactobacillus ferment, hexapeptide and hyaluronic  acid to moisturize and protect the skins natural balance.


My thoughts:

This creme has a nice subtle smell of lavender when in the tube.
It is 100% natural and organic, is cruelty free so they have not tested on animals (which I absolutely love)

The more you use, and the more you spread it out, the stronger it smells; so if you are not into the lavender smell you might want to pass on this one.

It sinks into the skin really fast, which gives an instantly moisturized skin.

It only costs 20DKK (4Euro)





You & Oil – Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum


Their words:

Nourish & supercharge: your skin craves food. This highly nutritive serum made with rare and precious oils of carrot, broccoli and chia brings the perfect balance of vitamins A, C, E and fatty acids. Together they work in synergy to deliver extremely effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits. Carrot oil is extremely rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E and essential fatty acids. It is excellent for sun damaged skin, due to its high content of Beta Carotene. It is also beneficial for dry skin, ageing or wrinkled skin. Carrot oil regenerates and to moisturize the deep layers of the skin. Broccoli oil provides: hydration: unique essential fatty acids in broccoli seed oil are often used in hair care products because they impart a youthful-looking radiant sheen to hair. On the skin, these same fatty acids provide a greaseless hydration while forming a protective layer that traps in moisture and keeps skin hydrated all day long. Protection: As broccoli protects the body, broccoli seed oil also protects the skin environmental stressors. Nourishing: Full of vitamin C and other nutrients, broccoli seed oil nourishes the skin and hair, leaving a radiant sheen that looks youthful and glowing. Natural source of retinol: Broccoli seed oil supplies natural vitamin A, which can be a natural exfoliator. Calming and soothing: Broccoli has another essential fatty acid called “arachidonic acid” which is the second most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid in the epidermis. It naturally helps ease and tame the feeling of your skin.


My thoughts:

First off… this description is the longest description I have ever seen in my life. Damn! It is literally what it says on the web page I found it on. Without breaks, just written out in on go.

You are only meant to use a few drops on clean skin, and therefore one bottle goes a long way.

It is made with a lot of different oils (of course carrot, broccoli and chia) and therefore it seems very “healthy” and makes me feel like I could drink it. (of course I will not 😛 )

It is moisturizing and can be used alone, but also with a cream.

The serum does seem very oily (which makes sense), but it doesn’t stop being that while on the face, so I would use it at some point I do not have to use makeup right afterwards.

I had to dry my face a little with a cotton pad, but most of the serum sunk into the skin about 20 minutes after (note ty myself: use a little less next time)

It costs 276DKK (37Euro)




Balance me – gradual tanning drops


Their words:

Gradual tanning drops gives a beautiful sun kissed complexion. Well fit for both face and body, and you only need to use 1 to 3 drops in your normal moisturizer. Formulated with 100% natural DHA, and gives a healthy, natural and beautiful sun kissed skin without unpleasant scents. Or sun damage.


My thoughts:

First off, this product seems REALLY tiny. My guess: that’s because a little goes a long way.

The packaging is pretty standard but the smell… THE SMELL is SO STRONG. It smells A LOT of vinegar- why I do not know, but it is very uncomfortable. So thumbs down to them, when they say it is without unpleasant scents…

You just put a few drops into your moisturizer and smear it onto your body (I chose my legs), so it doesn’t feel like anything else than your normal moisturizer does.

I didn’t really see a tanning effect just yet, but it did come later. I am a little unsure if I will use it later on though, just because of the harsh smell. (mind the smell is not that bad when combined with a cream)



Have you tried any of these, and what do you think? 😊


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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