Hello guys! We will be trying something fun today, which is: TRYING OUT NEW STUFF!!

I always love trying new things out to see what makes the cut and what is not for me.

Today we are looking at super cheap H&M Lip Gloss (30DKK or about 4 euro).


The colours I had was the colours Soft Suede, Pink Fudge and Burgundy

From the left: Soft Suede, Burgundy, Pink Fudge


First off, they all smelled like some type of chemical chocolate(??)


I was absolutely stunned! The first colour (soft suede) did not show up at all since it was almost the same as my lips, and very sheer.

The second one (pink fudge) was very pretty and pink, but still kind of sheer.

The third one (burgundy) was insanely pigmented but went on very uneven with patches all over.


Equal for all of them, they smeared all over, were kind of sticky, and wore off in about 1,5 hours.


I had to meet my mother and aunt after trying these out, just to test how well they went with brunch. I had chosen the pink shade, but before I even got to eating, (actually the first thing my mother told me when she saw me) was that I has lipstick on my teeth… That’s just a perfect start on the day.

I looked after eating, and my lips looked like this:


There was absolutely nothing on (beside a bit on the lower lip)


I reapplied after eating and went home to make a video, and at that time (after 1,5 hour) it looked like this:


There was once again absolutely nothing on


I will not buy these again even though they were super cheap, but I am very interested in trying out some of their other stuff since I have heard nice things about some of it.


A video is also up on YouTube about this review if you are interested to watch that instead. My YouTube is right HERE



Have you guys ever tried H&M makeup, and what do you think?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time




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