Another month, another box!

This box for once came VERY early.

I got a message that it arrived, even before Goodiebox told that they had sent them out, which I guess is due to the fact that they just changed their warehouse.


This box is called go with the glow, and I think the description this time is a bit vague.
They talk about the season of joy and celebration, theme parties and costumes. Because sometimes when things don’t go as planned it might be better to “go with the glow”.

In short, they say:

With this box we encourage you to find your inner glow, gear up and most important of all; have fun while you do it.


That part I get, but the rest just doesn’t fit together in my brain.


We got 6 products, 3 full size and 3 samples



ModelCo – Bullet Lipstick


Their words:

Pucker up and drench lips in unparalleled colour!

ModelCo BULLET LIPSTICK is packed with a lip-loving creamy finish and formula that will glide onto lips effortlessly to deliver lightweight full coverage in a single stroke.


My thoughts:

I am a lipstick fanatic already, so this just made me very happy to get.

The colour was much more pigmented than I thought it would be, and it went on smoothly.
It stayed on as it should until I ate- it then started fading slowly but evenly.

For once, I got no lipstick on my teeth, and when I reapplied it stayed on for quite long, but you will have to do a quick touchup throughout the day.



Furr – 3D Faux Mink Lashes – Gala


Their words:

Handmade. Vegan friendly. Latex free. Up to 10 wears.

Feels and looks like fur with our latest 3D fibre technology.

Furr combines the latest design and technology to bring you new advanced hybrid lashes, which delivers the advantages of both traditional and mink fur lashes.


My thoughts:

I suck at using false lashes, so these will be kept for future use – when I learn how to use them.

It is super cool that they are both latex free and vegan friendly.



Carven – Dans Ma Bulle Eau De Parfum


Their words:

Dans Ma Bulle is a unique addiction. An extract of freshness, fantasy and sensuality.

With fresh and sprouting top notes of Litchi Rose Neo Junge EssenceTM, Mandarin Orange and Paeon, flowering and feminine heart notes of sugar-almond, heliotrope and temple jasmine and sensual and addicting bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood and Patchouli.


My thoughts:

Bless you and that description. Maybe it’s just because I do not know much about perfume, but damn the last part sounds confusing. It seems like there is a lot of notes in here (I guess that is the dept of the scents), and a lot of scents overall.

I have gotten a lot of perfumes lately it feels like, we got two from Æther and another little pink one.

It is roll on, which I really like, because you can put it exactly where you want it.

It has a nice and subtle scent, but mostly reminds me of something, down to earth and flowery.

I haven’t used it yet, but I will when I am finally done with the one I am at now.



Rabens Saloner – Tie Dye Scrunchie


Their words:

Add a stylish and playful finish to your look with this hand-dyed scrunchie.

The scrunchie is made by hand in Indonesia making each item unique.

Use it in your hair or around the wrist.


My thoughts:

I was so confused at first about why this had anything to do with glowing, but apparently, it’s for the theme party part about the box.

I usually have my own scrunchie (In black of course) that I love and use all the time.

This one has a bit of a hard elastic in it, and therefore is not so flexible as I would like it to be. It has some nice colouring, but I am afraid I will destroy the elastic when using it.

The scrunchie itself is fine, but not one I would use again- I love my usual one more.



De_CURE – N˚ L1FT – Instant Correcting Serum


Their words:

PRIMARY BENEFITS– INSTANT: minimizes lines and wrinkles in a split second. Pores and the skins texture improves substantial. This is a “non-invasive” alternative, that is perfectly painless and safe.

MOISTURIZING: our revolutionary water free technology moisturizes the skin as nothing else. Nourishes and protects while our collagen network and makes your skin stronger, faster and gives you and youthful look.


My thoughts:

Another long description so you only got ¼ of the actual description right there…


I was so curious about this product, not only because of the description, but if I can actually get my fine lines to shoo away- man I will be happy.

I applied it on clean skin (on my forehead where I actually got a small, fine line), allowed it to dry and felt it tighten. I looked in the mirror and WOW – absolutely no difference.

This was so weird because it says in the description that you get an instant effect, and I did feel it tighten, but nothing else happened.

I proceeded to use this just to see if anything would happen overtime, but after 4 days of use morning and night- nothing.

I will try to put this into my mom’s hands and see what she says.


No matter what, I won’t be using this again.



Rituals – Velvety Smooth Cleansing Foam


Their words:

Your soulful skincare routine starts with this soft, mild and soap free cleansing foam.

This luxurious cleansing foam with holy lotus – an Indian symbol for cleanliness, beauty and wisdom is known for its hydrating properties – removes impurities and fights the particles from the daily pollution. Refreshes your skin, gives moisture and readies it for the rest of your skincare.


My thoughts:

Once again; I love Rituals. I have said it so many times, but it really just is one of my favorite beauty brands, if not my favorite.

It is a cleansing foam, that comes out as a creme and then when you use water with it, becomes a foam. It is very refreshing, not drying at all and gentle to use.

I will keep on using this.




I was really happy with most of the stuff in this box, the only real misses, was the scrunchie and the serum that just did not work out for me at all.

The rest I will definitely use!



If you want to see my initial reaction you can also watch the video on my Youtube Channel



What is your holy grail product against fine lines and wrinkles? I’ love to know!



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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