This I have been looking forward to for very long time (actually as long as I knew Tati Westbrook had a palette coming)

I have been watching Tati for many, many years, and always loved her honesty, quirky and overall wholesome personality. She has high standards, and usually knows what is quality, and what is not.

Therefore, I was ecstatic when I saw her palette releasing, and I just HAD to get it!

Not that it is finally in my hands, I have a lot of thoughts and things to say…

(But if you don’t want to read it all, just go watch my video review on YouTube)


First off, I love how she made this palette as a book, it is volume 1, so you know there will be more later. The design is chic, sleek and elegant, with good sized pans, and a huge ass mirror.


The box I got the palette in what so beautiful, there is a picture of her on there, the brand name Tati Beauty and a quote “Beauty is your story to tell”



In the palette is 4 different finishes. Matte, Sequin, Metallic and Glitter.

The other way around it has been divided into themes; Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura and Poet. They all have their own color theme, but the themes are all made up of one colour.
With this I mean; in Memory we got 4 eyeshadows, it is essentially the same colour, but with 4 finishes. The same counts for the other 5 themes too. Same colour, 4 finishes.

The smart thing is, that you can use the colours in their themes, mix and match, or use the diagonal (is that how you say it?) colour matches.


The colours felt very soft and when swatching went on beautiful. Here are the swatches:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


When I used the colours on the lid, they went on smoothly, and the mattes blended really well. To be honest is the best eyeshadow palette that I got. (but also the most expensive)
The sequins had a nice subtle shimmer, and the metallics were just stunning. The glitters though, they were the life of the party.
I didn’t have to press or rub in the pan to get the glitter, I just got a lot of glitter instantly, and it was easy to distribute on my lids. As it usually is with glitter, it ends up a bit everywhere, but I was impressed how little fallout there actually was with this one.

Regarding fallout- there was NONE with the other 3 finishes.



I created 2 looks from this palette, but you can do so many!


All in all, this was so easy to work with, it has endless possibilities and I just really love the palette, AND Tati so much.



Have any of you got your hands in this palette yet and what do you think?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!




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