Well hello there you beautiful people!


December 21 I put up a post on my blog named:looking back at the year – thoughts, goals and hopes for 2020.

In there I talked about how the year went, and I set some goals for the new year. Today, I really want to sit down, and talk to you about how I am doing with these so-called goals.


  • Reach 250 followers on the blog
    I set a kind of high goal for myself in 2019, getting my follower count up from 100-200, and I almost made it. This year I am setting it lower, to make sure I actually make it, and don’t kick myself down about it. And honestly, if I don’t stress so much about how many people follow me, I have more time to actually make genuine content to you amazing people that actually care about and use your precious time to read this. (Thank you, I love you all!)
  • Reach 10 subscribers on YouTube.
    I recently started getting consistent with my YouTube channel about 3 months ago, and have been posting every other Saturday, at the same time as my posts go up (4pm). From then, I have gotten a few followers, and I actually think that went pretty fast. This year I want to make better videos (and posts) for you guys, because I truly enjoy it.
    If you are curious you should be able to find me if you search for BetterDayWeb or Luna Coltau on YouTube.
  • Finish my education
    This is actually a tough one for me, because I have started so many educations over the years. I went to high school, but dropped out of there in my second year because of my depression. Then I started on the beautician education, where I was not able to get a apprenticeship, and therefore ended up with nothing. I then took one year in France as an Au Pair (which doesn’t count as education- but was nonetheless amazing).
    Then I started in business school, and finally got an apprenticeship there (that is the work I am doing now) and I will be done when July starts.
  • Get a job
    This one I am excited about! The job I got now is as I said in the note before, and apprenticeship and therefore will end when July starts. The question is: do I get to stay where I am at now, or do I need to go look for a new job? I don’t know yet, but I want to know very soon so that I can start applying new places. Man, I don’t want to be jobless.
  • Drink more water
    I am doing expectedly bad at this. I was wanting to drink more than 1L a day, but I am only doing juuust about 1 a day. Not really horrible, but not good enough.
  • Get more exercise – Yoga & running
    I am kind of impressed with myself about this one. Yoga has been going very well; I have been doing it just 10 minutes in the morning, almost every day.
    Running, not so much. I haven’t been out running even once, and I know I won’t run either until at least end of February/march, simply because I have too much work in the next couple of weeks. I WILL get out running eventually, I have too, because I will be going for a 5km run in the summer (as a gift from my mother)
  • Eat less sugar
    Okay guys, you should be impressed here. I have been eating a bit sugar, but not really candy. And soda? About 2-3 cans in this month. I am super impressed with myself and happy about it. My boyfriend and I are doing a couple of vegan weeks where we try eating vegan to see what it does to our bodies (we don’t go like ALL IN where we can not eat something that contains a bit of milk powder or something that might contain traces of milk)
    We are about one week in, and overall eating vegan makes us eat a bit healthier, simply because I am unsure of what contains animal products. And in the meantime, we get a lot of vegetables in our meals, which honestly tastes and feels great.
    The menu has been and is supposed to be: tortillas, eggplant?? lasagna, pizza, wok and overnight oats for breakfast.
    The only candy I have been eating are Katjes – Tappsy & Ape heads. Sounds kinda disgusting by that name, but it is vegan foam with liquorice.
  • 1 good thing a day
    I have been doing this every day since the year started, and my vase is getting nice and filled with good times. I am so happy about that.
  • Low buy
    Uhm, well. I haven’t really been breaking this rule, because the makeup I bought are all something I have been wanting for quite a while, even though I wanted it more for a video than I wanted it for me. I bought some H&M makeup that was on sale, and even though I didn’t get enough for a full face, I still ended up using 170DKK (about 23 euro), and saving 590 DKK (79Euro).
    I know that is not that much, but here is the whole truth: I get a Goodiebox each month that contains beauty products. That Goodiebox costs exactly the amount I have set as my limit. I did not think about that, and therefore I have automatically every month, already reached my limit.
    Beside that, I was wanting to do this challenge to also save money and focus on buying the things that I NEED or really really want. But instead I saw these extra money in my bank account and knew I was not allowed to use them on makeup and skincare; so I used it on creative supplied. Damnit Luna. To be honest I always have a lot of such stuff, some might even say too much. But nah, I can always use more. So the money I had saved this month, has gone there instead. Get it together please Luna.
    Note: after writing this, I realized that a lot of the money I spend this month isn’t actually all bad. My boyfriend and I did buy both a freezer and a multi-functional mixer together with a small pot and pan.
  • Get more creative – try making homemade pasta and sew my own clothes
    I have not made homemade pasta yet, but we have tried out making a lot of food that we are not used to making- like pizza dough and banana & oat cookies.
    Regarding clothes, I have not done that either yet, but I am planning to make some more DIY’s on my channel and on here, so I know that will come later.
  • Write a book
    The funny thing about writing a book is, that you actually have to sit down and write something. Which I have not. Yet.
  • Get into French
    Another one that I am proud of myself with. I have been learning and improving a bit every day with Duolingo for about 8 days now. Way to go 😊
  • Save-Opoly
    This one I have been doing diligently every week, so that is going as it should!






Now I remember I also told you, that I would check in later regarding the BareMinerals serum that I tried in the BareMinerals Christmas review.

I have used it for one week  and three days now, and I recall it should be used for about 14 days to see full effect. I haven’t seen much of an effect regarding aging (but well, I am pretty young), but is does feel nice and moisturizing on my face.

The only real issue here though: it says on the bottle to use 2 pumps to face and neck.
First, I honestly only need one pump to my whole face and neck, so 2 pumps seem waaay to much. Second, I am almost out of the serum, so to be honest, I only have juuuust enough to get me to the 2 week mark to see results. If I did as they said and used two pumps, I would have to go out and buy another one, just to see if I liked it or it had an effect. At least make the “trials” last long enough for people to see if they like it. Please?




So that is all for today, I hoped you enjoyed, and how is it going for you to reach your goals?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time.


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