Who run the world? Girls…

This was what this (veeeeery old) Goodiebox said in their description of this box.
I 100% think it is great to have a box dedicated to the amazing ladies making, working, and thriving in the beauty community, but honestly their description offended me a little. I just feel like it was a little too feministic. Not that I don’t think that women are awesome, because you go girl!
But I felt like men got a little run over with the thoughts that women shape the world. They do, but they are not alone. Men and women together shape and have shaped the world into what it is and we should keep on ALL being awesome and doing our best.

This box though, is all about the ladies (which means; women created these brands), so let’s see how fantastic we can be!




Tromborg – Nail Polish


Their words:


My thoughts:

I could not find anything about this nail polish, I simply think it is too old, because I cannot find it anywhere.

First of all, the colour of this nail polish do not impress me. Off-purple colours are not really my style, and therefore this polish is not one I will use often. The colour I got was Melpomene.

It is very easy to apply a coat of polish and it only took about 2 minutes to dry.

I might not use this one again, but I will try out other colours from this brand since they are so easy to deal with!

The price is a little different depending on what nail polish you are looking at (and I cannot find this one anymore) but the other colours are about 170DKK (23Euro)

this brand is from a fantastic Danish woman.




Rodial – dragon’s blood sculpting gel


Their words:

Rich gel that redefines and restructures your face’s contours and gives a tighter skin. Thanks to a formula that gives the skin volume and fill, while protecting against environmental damage. Collagen strengthen ingredients lift and redefines your face shape, while minimizing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. “Dragon blood”, also known as juice from the Croton Lecheri tree, makes a layer that protects the skin against outer impact, while minimizing redness and inflammation. To be used morning and/or night on clean skin.


My thoughts:

Rodial was started by Maria Hatzistefanis, a Greek Entrepreneur.

I have tried some of Rodial’s other products before so I was excited to try this one too.

It is a gel that has to be applied twice a day on a clean face, and is made to help define facial contours and add volume to tired or sagging skin, which means they work against wrinkles and fine lines.

I will have to use this one more to see if there is a “sculpting” effect, but as far as I felt while applying it, it was very smooth and easy- it does not feel so gel like as I thought it would (but that is only a good thing.

Not much product is needed (only a small pea size), so it will also go a really long way.

50ml costs 770DKK (103Euro) which seems expensive, but as said before it will go a REALLY long way.

I haven’t gotten to use this religiously yet, but I will when I am done with the cream I am using currently.



Masque me up – foot mask socks


Their words:

A lush foot mask that gives soft feet. Use the mask on clean feet and put them inside the socks. Wait 20 minutes, take the socks off and use the rest of the product on the feet. Super easy and simple. Contains one pair of socks, that can be used once.


My thoughts:

Another Danish brand, and must I say; This is the easiest and most convenient foot mask that I have ever tried.

The mask is packed as two “socks” that you can put on and secure on your foots so that you can even walk around while wearing them (or sit down and relax, that is even better).

You just put the “socks on clean feet and stick the adhesive part on the socks so that they stay put. Then you just relax and do whatever you want until 15-20 minutes have passed, and then take them off. No need to rinse your feet or get your hands all dirty since all the product in inside the socks.

Clean and easy!

The mask moisturizes and softens your feet while soothing them. The mask is cold when you get it on, and it stayed that way until I took them off again. The excess product can be massaged into the feet, and my feet felt moisturized, soft and cooled afterwards, so I was very happy.

Mind though: if you decide to move, it kind of feels like your feet are inside a water balloon :’)

One pack costs around 40DKK (5,4 Euro)



Pudderdåserne – Alt I en Creme


Their words:

This is the ultimate all-in-one creme for face and body.

The creme contains sheabutter, niacinamid and SyriCalm that gives lots of moisture, good nourishment and protection while being ideal for dry and irritated skin, you can even feel relief if you have eczema.

The creme can be used by the whole family both morning, midday and night, and can be used all over, both in face, around the eyes and on the body. It can stand alone as a face cream, because the mix of active ingredients are effective against aging, loss of moisture, inflammation and redness, while leaving the skin nourished and calmed.

100% parfume free.


My thoughts:

This is a Danish made all-in-one crème, that nourishes the skin, calms and protects. The duo Helene and Katja is behind this brand, and also the biggest beauty blog in Denmark.

It is perfume free, and smells like absolutely nothing- which to me makes sense.

I just used a pea size (or a little bigger) dot of products to moisturize my arms and hold your horses guys because I literally said WOW out loud.

The crème is really smooth and feels really light on the skin. I went to wash my hands after putting it on, and in the time it took me to wash and dry my hands- the crème had dried completely into my skin!! I didn’t feel nasty or greasy AT ALL.
Thumbs up for this product moisturizing me but not feeling the slightest bit greasy at all (and drying in under a minute)



Note: This product is both Luna, and boyfriend approved.




Ilse Jacobsen – Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream


Their words:

Nourishing and caring eye cream with sea buckthorn, macadamia oil and sheabutter. The hyaluronic acid regulates the skins moisture balance and counteracts wrinkles. The active ingredient Eyeliss strengthens the circulation around the eye area and reduces puffed eyes.


My thoughts:

Yes, I know, this is ALSO a Danish brand. I think I have talked about Ilse Jacobsen before on my blog, but if you do not remember: Ilse Jacobsen was THE woman that made rubber boots chic. Now she has moved to not only rubber boots but, beauty, wellness and clothes.

Now for the actual product.

It is said to regulate the skin’s moisture balance and reduce puffed eyes, and I have to say: It lives up to their words.

My skin was instantly nourished and moisturized, and it felt so cooling to the eyes that I just felt like taking a short nap, relaxing and enjoying the feeling.

15ml (0.5oz) costs 200DKK (26,8Euro)


Overall a great box, even though I am not so fond of the design.



Have any of you guys ever tried any of these?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

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