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If you have been here diligently for a while you might know, that I once reviewed the afterspa cleaning cloth.
I absolutely loved that one, and was devastated when I found out, that it is not possible to buy in Denmark, and I could not find anywhere to get them shipped here either.
Therefore I went on a quest to find another solution that would make my lazy-ass actually take off my makeup. In that search I found these makeup removing gloves that cost me absolutely nothing (under 5 dollars) and I even got 4 pieces.

I was hoping these were as good as the afterspa one, or at least close.

If you don’t want to read the full review, you can also watch the video on my YouTube channel. on there you can also alctually look at how well it worked, because SHAME, Luna, I do not really have any picures.



These makeup remover gloves are no-brand (at least I can find no brand)

I bought them in a shop here in Denmark called Normal, and the only thing I could find on there was the fact that it was Made In China (well ok then)

You are meant to use it like it is, just with some water on there, which will both save you time and money. You do not have to buy another cleanser to use, no makeup wipes, remover or other products. You just need the glove and water. It is washable by hand. Just use some soap and there you go, and it can therefore be used a lot of times.

I, myself is super lazy, and a long face cleaning routine just makes me want to not take my makeup off at all. I do use a cleanser in the shower, but for daily use in the morning and evening together with after work, this one is so much easier!


The first time, it took a bit of time to make the glove wet, but gets easier with time.


One swipe across my face usually does most of the job taking off my everyday makeup. (I don’t use much, so there isn’t much to take off) I am super amazed about how quick that goes; about one minute to take all my makeup off.

When wearing a full face of makeup, it goes just as easy. The glove took off both concealer, foundation, powder, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. On the day I took it off, I used a glitter foil as eyeshadow and the glitter stayed a bit on my face. That problem can be solved by using a clean side of the glove to take it off. Bam. Super easy. That also took no more than 5 minutes to take off a full face of makeup.


I was both impressed by how quick it was, and especially about how gentle it was on my face. I was a bit concerned about if the rubbing on my face and eyes would irritate the skin, but I felt none of that at all.


The glove washed fairly well, not taking off all the makeup, but to be fair, it was also the white glove that I tried.



Overall I really like these, and I use them both morning and evening, which is quite an improvement for me.


I would recommend you trying out something like these if you are just as lazy as me when it comes to cleaning your face.



I hope you all have a happy life one day at a time


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