January went waaay too fast, and I am excited to tell you all about how this month went!

Work has been going very well, but also been very hard.

Since we have been missing 2 people for a couple of weeks, there has been more work for us still there. Beside that we are going into the garden season, which means we have to do a lot of physical labour (moving all the furniture, move furniture away and put new up)

The really hard weeks are coming to an end, and I am happy to go into some “easy” weeks, because that will give me some more time to the stuff I really want to do.



I have been really good at doing yoga (and a bit of exercise) every morning, which I am proud of. Still no running though, I have not been up to beat enough to actually get going.


Eat less sugar

This has been both kind of hard, and kind of easy.

We are currently trying out going vegan for a month.

This means, we are eating no products that have been made with the help of animals (milk, eggs, butter, cream, meat and so on).

We chose to do this, not so much because of the animals, but mostly to see how it would affect our health. I hoped that we would get more energy, my face would clear up, and we would work in more vegetables in our diet. Therefore, we are not 100% serious when buying stuff; we do buy stuff that might use dehydrated milk powder and stuff like that, because it is not IN the food, as normal milk or egg would be.

Because of this we have been eating a lot healthier, and in now 3 weeks, I have only eaten a few of the Katjes candy and some vegan ice cream. That is a win for me. I have also only comsumed about 1 liter cola in these weeks. I am super proud😊

If you are interested to hear more about our vegan journey, say so, and I’ll make a post about it (might do that anyways 😛 )



1 good thing a day

This one has been going well, just like I hoped it would, the vase gets filled, and I get to remember my memories.



Low buy

For the whole month, my low-buy went okay, but not really good. I did buy the H&M makeup I talked about earlier, but I did not buy anymore makeup than that. even though I really wanted to.

Instead I bought some other stuff, like new camera stuff, clothes and creative supplies. Those buy’s I feel better about, but it is definitely not perfect.



That’s just a short update from this January, and I am happy I got a okay start on the new year!


How has your year been so far?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


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