This review is out a bit late, but I guess that is okay. This review is from the Goodiebox in January this year.

It is the me, myself and I box, which I love the idea about (Overall, I love me time), and as the box suggests, this is a box all about me (or you). We are just letting go of expectations and giving in to yourselfishness with the new box.

The box itself is one of my least favourites- yup I don’t like it. I’m more into the standard one colour boxes or the ones with cute, simple designs or patterns.

This box was put well together in the thought that the content of the box= one session of me time.
We got something to clean our skin with x2, a serum, a cream, a hand & nail cream and a perfume.


As usually, if you do not want to read: watch the review on my YouTube Channel 😊



Glov – Moon Pads


Their words:

The luxuriously soft material that covers the pads glides across the skin, effortlessly removing makeup, dirt and grime. You can also be kind to the environment while being kind to your skin, as the reusable pads replace nearly 500 single-use cotton ones, making them highly eco-friendly. Thorough scrubbing is usually required when removing makeup with cotton pads, making them harsh and slightly abrasive – especially if you have sensitive skin. The Moon Pads are soft to the touch and can eliminate even thick makeup, leaving your skin flawlessly cleansed.


My thoughts:

First thing I noticed was, that is said on the packaging; you can save up to 150 cotton pads pr. Month. 150 cotton pads… PR MONTH. Isn’t that a lot?
Maybe it is just me, but usually I use my makeup removing glove to take makeup off, and therefore used not even one cotton pad pr. Year. Nonetheless, this pad can save you 800 cotton pads.

Note: Goodiebox said 800, the website I found them on said 500??

Super cool that these are reusable AND washable, which also means, you save money in the long run- who doesn’t like saving money?

Applying: Easy to use and very soft. The material makes a “pocket” inside, that can be annoying when used, but if I fold it in half around my fingers, it works great.

Feel: Suuper soft. Took off my “daily grime” easily.

Packaging: Pretty in pink. Packaging made of starch instead of plastic.

Scent: No scent.

Labels: Eco-friendly.

Price: 7 Euro


Will I use again: Maybe? Might be too much work to clean.



Bioderma – Hydrabio H2O


Their words:

Combine very high cleansing power and unparalleled tolerance. Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes. Soothes and decongests and respects the skin balance. Produces a feeling of instant freshness. Non-rinse. Even removes water-resistant make-up.


My thoughts:

I thought it was super cool that this was not only a micellar water, but actually the world’s first and only dermatologic micellar water that helps build up the skin by also moisturizing your skin.

As awesome as I am, I could not even open the bottle at first, because of the strip on there keeping children out. Great job, Luna.

Applying: Hard to get out of the bottle, did not help to squeeze, but got easier when shaking. Did make a bit of a mess with product going elsewhere than the intended place.

Feel: Feels nice and does not dry my skin out like other micellar waters usually do. Even though my skin does not feel hydrated, it does not feel dry either. Did not burn my eyes which other micellar waters also usually does.

Packaging: The packaging is simple and cute, because it is not so tall, it seems a bit chubby; which I kind of like.

Scent: Smells like absolutely nothing, WIN!

Labels: Paraben free and hypoallergenic.

Price: 16 Euro


Will I use again: Yes, if I need to (to take of excess makeup that my cleaning glove does not take off)



De_CURE – N° PUR3 – Nourishing Booster Serum


Their words:

Anti-inflammatory: is effective against acne, impure skin and imbalance in the skin. Anti-bacterial and opens pores to let them breath while improving skin cells ability to improve itself. Increases the effect of other used products. Helps with healing scars and wounds. Increases moisture niveau by 40% in up to 14 days, while wrinkles gets reduced by 50%


My thougts:

What in the world is this teeny tiny, itsy bitsy tube doing in this gigantic plastic bag (no shame for using plastic, shame for using WAY TOO MUCH plastic)

The tube is cute and all, same size like the last product from them (an anti-age serum thingy), and looks pretty much identical.

The last time we got a product from them, I felt like the bit more than they could chew. The product was a MIRACLE product, and I felt none of that. Excited to see how this goes.

Applying: Easy to apply like any other serum, sinks in pretty quickly.

Feel: Feels soft to the skin and very liquid. I have not seen or felt an effect yet, I have to use it more.

Packaging: simple design that seems “professional” because they use only two colours, and bombard you with information on the packaging. This tiny tube came in a big bag of plastic though. Why in the world.

Scent: No strong scent but somehow smells like dust.

Labels: None as far as I can see.

Price: 114,45 Euro for 30ml = 30,5 Euro for this tiny 8ml bottle


Will I use it again: I will use it for a longer period of time to see if it actually helps with acne and unclear skin. Unclear if it really works, since I saw no effect of the last product I got from them.



Naobay – DETOX Oxygen Light Cream


Their words:

A light emulsion that will hydrate the skin without saturating it. The antioxidant power of green tea combines with the protective properties of the legendary living fossil Ginkgo Bilboa to act as a shield against daily aggressions (pollution, free radicals and indoor environments), while raspberry will protect your skin from the loss of water and aloe vera will calm and soften it.


My thoughts:
Points to them for not having an open jar, but a pump, and can I just take a moment to point out how pretty their logo is?

Applying: Somehow nothing came out the first few pumps, but then it got going. I just massaged it onto face and neck, and it began to sink in quickly.

Feel: Felt creamy but not sticky when applying. Nice and hydrating, but never fully sunk into the skin, making it feel a bit sticky in the long run.

Packaging: The packaging is simple and cute; I usually like white packaging. The cream comes with a pump, which I also like a lot. It makes everything easier to distribute and more hygienic.

Scent:  At first I thought it kind of smells a bit like some type of aloe or green tea. When I went back later, it seriously smells like play dough- still do and that is the scent I am stuck at. I would rather be without scent.

Labels: Cruelty free and vegan. 98,78% of ingredients are from natural origin. 13,5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Price: 28 Euro for 50ml


Will I use it again: I think I will use it up, if I can cope with the smell, but I don’t think I will buy it again, solely because of the scent.



DeBa – Hands & Nails Cream Balm


Their words:

The gentle formula wit macadamia oil and Q10 softens, smooths and protects the skin on your hands.


My thoughts:

The their words were taken directly from the tube, because I could simply not find anything about it elsewhere.

Applying: Easy to apply, sinks in very fast.

Feel: Seems very moisturizing and extremely creamy. Softens my hands a lot, and they feel great afterwards.

Packaging: Simple packaging in white and blue. Pretty basic.

Scent: Smells like pretty much nothing, at first but when you start rubbing it smells a bit like macadamia oil. I do get a bit of a headache smelling too much to it.

Labels: Cruelty free

Price: 4 Euro


Will I use it again: I really don’t know at this point, the scent is too off putting, but the result is great.





Their words:

Purple molecule was made in the summers seventh month- to encapsulate the Nordic summer scenery in full flora. The scent is transparent and very delicate. The idea was to make a molecule-scent that interacts with the one who wears the scent and exclusively gives a feeling of happiness. The warm air and the scent of flowers incapsulating you, THAT is truthfully Flora Danica.


My thoughts:

No. No. Nononononononono. We got the pink molecule in another earlier box. And just like that one, this one was not sealed properly, and therefore spilled.

The packaging is a bit boring pink and gold, the cap is loose and spills ☹

On another note; I do not like this scent, it seemed a bit fizzy to me, kind of champagne, flowery.
I am very particular about the scents that I like- The Clean- Rain perfume is my absolute favourite.

So; what did I do, as I got another broken, loose perfume? I simply wrote to the Goodiebox team telling them about what happened.
I told them, nicely, that it was the second one that I got that broke, and I was a bit sad about it. I told them, not as much because I wanted a new one (since I didn’t like the scent anyways), but to let them know, that it had happened, so they had a possibility to fix it, and improve.
In return they sent me a message. They usually give a new product if the old was destroyed when delivered (the same product of course). Since I didn’t like the scent, and I was polite; they asked if they could send me one of two other perfume samples, whereas one of them was my all-time favourite Clean – Rain.
I feel very lucky, and honoured that they sent me something anyways. Their customer service always takes me by storm, and their awesome colleague even took the time to send me a letter with the new sample.

Cadeau, Cadeau, Cadeau.


Applying: Didn’t spray properly because the cap is loose

Feel: wet of course, it is a liquid.

Packaging: boring pink and gold. Loose cap.

Scent: Kind of like fizzy flowery champagne.

Labels: I cannot find any.

Price: 107 Euro for 100ml = 5,5 for 5ml


Will I use it again: nope, not at all.




Overall a mixed box once again, and the only thing that kind of dragged the box out of the dirt, were the perfume that I got from their customer service.


The Moon Pads and the micellar water were both very okay. Both the face and the hand cream, were off putting simply because of the scent. The serum we will see about, and the perfume I will completely ignore.



What is your favourite perfume?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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