This month was all about having and giving energy to yourself.
Therefore all these products try to help you energize, look and feel more energetic.

Just take time to yourself, and do what you actually want, to make sure you live your best self.

Includes 3 full sizes and 4 samples.


If you want to see my first reaction, go to my YouTube Channel.




Human + Kind – Body Soufflé


Their words:

Light and fluffy body moisturiser.
Lightly whipped for the ultimate in kindness, human + kind’s 2-in-1 light and fluffy body soufflé is quickly absorbed to leave your skin feeling super moisturised and soft to the touch.
Quickly absorbing
Heavenly smell
Super moisturising
Leaving soft skin
Suitable for sensitive skin
Particularly good for dry skin


My thoughts: My first thought was that the scent smelled so much like clean nothing. That is such a weird statement, but it is true.

Applying: easy to apply, and has a nice consistency.

Feel: Feels super soft and left my skin feeling moisturized and soft. Sinks into skin fairly quickly without feeling sticky.

Packaging: packaging looks kind of organic, like some hippie, flowery look. Doesn’t bother me, but is not as “nice” as I like packaging to be.

Scent: smells clean and natural

Labels: 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free

Ingredients: There is no horrible ingredients that I want to highlight here, most of them just helps the product bind and moisturize. That is probably because it is made with such a huge natural percentage.

Claims: Absorbed pretty quickly, doesn’t smell heavenly, more like nothing or just clean, and definitely left my skin super well feeling.

Price: 17 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, and if I can get it in a shop here in Denmark, I might even get a new one.





Clinique – High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara


Their words:

Filling mascara with polymeric that arches the lashes with a light and durable mousse-formula, so that the lashes keep the form 12 hours. Does not scatter or smear. Tested by eye doctors, and is good even to sensitive eyes.


My thoughts: Oh, another mascara that claims so much, yadda yadda. Probably not going to be as good as I hope.

Applying: Easy to apply, with a very standard brush. Did get a bit on my eyelids, but not so much that you really notice. Maybe I just suck at putting on mascara.

Feel: The wand did not feel too rough on my lashes.

Packaging: Standard black, simple, sleek design.

Scent: No scent from the mascara itself, but the wand smells a bit plastic.

Labels: Developed by skin doctors – like all products from their brand

Ingredients: I got no idea (and not as many requirements to makeup as skincare) about what is in here.

Claims: I did not use it for 12 hours, but my lashes were still beautiful after 8 hours. Super impressed by the long time it held up

Price: 26 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, but unfortunately it does not beat my favourite mascara, so I might not buy it again.





Clinique – Take The Day Off Makeup Remover


Their words:

Doubleacting makeup remover, that quickly removes eye and lip makeup. Perfect even for waterproof mascara. Does not irritate or burn.


My thoughts: Ohh, I have heard good things about this before. Fingers crossed.

Applying: Shake, put on a cotton pad, hold on skin, clean and wash over with water. Was super easy to use. I did have to note the child, safe cap though. It’s good that it is on, but at first I didn’t notice.

Feel: Felt incredible soft and non-irritating. I was wondering if there was moisturizing properties in this, because it felt so smooth without drying my skin out even one bit.

Packaging: Cute, simple packaging. I like the purple, which makes the packaging a bit more interesting.

Scent: Doesn’t really have a scent.

Labels: Developed by skin doctors – like all products from their brand

Ingredients: as far as I can see, no weird stuff in here.

Claims: As far as I noticed, it took off absolutely all of my makeup without irritating.

Price: 24 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes! I really like this and it might even be my new favourite. I think I will buy a new one when mine is used up.





Niré – Face Prep Tool

Their words:



My thoughts: I could not find this anywhere at all. The only thing that kind of looked like it, was a silicone brush cleaning tool.

Applying: Easy to use. You just put on your cleanser, and then gently rub your face until the makeup dissolves.

Feel: Feels kind of therapeutic. The silicone is not too hard on the skin, and it does not feel like a normal exfoliant. It is very soft and gently on the skin. My skin looks nice and glowy afterwards.

Packaging: Not much to say. It is just a silicone tool, all white with their brand on it.

Scent: None.

Labels: Vegan friendly, cruelty free, hypoallergenic.

Ingredients: My guess is that it is 100% silicone. That’s at least what it feels like.

Claims: Goodiebox claims that it exfoliates and cleans, and I definitely see it clean, but the exfoliation is so gentle that I don’t really think about it.

Price: 4,5 Euro


Will I use it again: YES, I will use this again, and again, and again. I truly enjoy using it.





Vitamasque – Crystal Glow Hydrogel Eye Mask


Their words:

All in one cooling hydrogel eye mask to de-puff, brighten and repair. Unfused with anti-pollution and anti-blue light protection.
Soothes and brightens the eye area. Provides anti-pollution protection, protects against blue light exposure.


My thoughts: I have a thing for eye masks at the moment, but what in the world?
How in the world do you make something anti-pollution and protecting against blue light? That just sounds like BS to me. And why are we still using “crystals” AKA glitter in masks? It has no benefits to the skin, and only have the property to maybe irritate the skin.
Another thing I noticed, was that the woman in the picture on their webpage, had the same problem as I. the mask does not actually cover the whole under eye area, which is super weird.

Applying: Very slippery mask and therefore hard to apply. Did not actually cover my whole under eye area.

Feel: Felt very gooey, but not wet or like it was soaked with product. Did not really leave anything behind to be rubbed in. It felt like it was just there. Gave me a cool sensation like a standard cooling mask.

Packaging: Cute packaging, and the mask itself also looked cute. Not so useful, more like a gimmick.

Scent: At this point I don’t even remember, it did not really have one.

Labels: None as far as I can see

Ingredients: Who in the world knows, as far as I can read, it only contains anti-pollution, anti- blue light protection together with crystal extract.

Claims: It did de-puff in the places they actuallt were, did not really brighten and honestly just felt more like a cooling mask.

Price: 10,5 Euro


Will I use it again: Nope, it was just way to meh. More an Instagram mask than anything else.





Ecooking – Moisturizing Serum


Their words:

A serum for all ages and skin types, which gives your skin a moisture boost and is filled with moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizes your skin without feeling sticky.


My thoughts: I have been looking forward to trying this brand out, and have seen many good things about it.

Applying: Super easy to apply, has a nice pump that makes it easy to distribute.

Feel: Soft and moisturizing to the skin. Does feel a bit sticky when it starts drying, but honestly, I feel like all serums does that. It goes away after some time.

Packaging: Fairly simple and “hip” packaging. It has a pump guys! IT HAS A PUMP!

Scent: Doesn’t really smell of anything.

Labels: Vegan and Dermatological tested.

Ingredients: As far as I can see, nothing of concern here. They label the ingredients both on their webpage and the product, and even tell you which ones are organic and natural. They even have a disclaimer that said that the product you get and what is on the website can differ, because they always improve their products in correlation to the information about ingredients, health and environment.

Claims: Definitely helps boost and moisture my skin, but I have to use it more to see the full effect.

Price: 46,7 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes, I have to see if it helps after long term use.





Oslo Skin Lab – The Solution Anti-Wrinkle Collagen


Their words:

The solution Anti-Wrinkle Collagen is a collagen powder, tasteless and easy to put in food or drinks. The product contributes to skin elasticity, smooths skin, gives less wrinkles and less cellulite.


My thoughts: Why. In. the. World. Are we getting 5 samples of this product, when you have to use it for at least 14 days to see results? I almost got enraged, and could not stop ranting about it to my boyfriend. It is said to give instant energy, but the rest of the effects? Too bad, come pay to find out. It is great that we get our eyes up for the fact that this is out there, but the actually benefits of the product is long gone. It actually won a Danish beauty award in 2019.

Applying: Put in food or drink and let dissolve in about 30 seconds.

Feel: Tastes chalky, and feels the same.

Packaging: Pretty standard plastic packaging. Not a fan and looks pretty normal and boring.

Scent: No scent as far as I could see.

Labels: I cannot see any labels here.

Ingredients: 100% collagen powder (how they make it? No idea)

Claims: I cannot condone nor deny the effects, since I am not going to take it.

Price: 46,7 Euro for one month. 1,7 Euro for one day.


Will I use it again: Nope, never ever again. The taste is chalky and I can feel it in my mouth and throat. If I had to get a really good idea of the effects, I would have to buy at least one months’ worth, and then cancel the subscription. I heard so many bad things about the subscription, people who could not cancel and were told that they owed a shitton of money and so on.
I did also hear a lot of good things, about how they helped so much on cellulitis, scars and so on.
Honestly I just cannot drink it. I have never been able to drink “dissolvable” products in my drinks or food simply because I can taste it.
To be honest, it might be better to just take a multivitamin pill.






There were both hits and misses. One huge miss, one semi-miss, 4 things that I actually really like, and one thing that I will have to try out more to see.

You can probably guess which one is which one.


What was your favourite product here, and have you ever tried any of them??



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time.


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