First of all, yes. I know that I did not post anything last week.

The reason you ask?

I’ve been at my school, and there we had almost no time to do anything. We have had to prepare for both our exam, a 2-hour long test, and work in store (51 hours of in store work in 72 hours)

We are now back on track, and today I want to review another product.


That is: Ps. Matte Lip Vault



I bought it in primark when I visited Germany with my school, and let’s just get right into it!



Their words:

I cannot find any words on this, so the vault might be discontinued. The lipsticks itself, I can still find on Primark’s webpage


My thoughts: I love lipsticks, so a collection of them just appealed to me even more. This was super cheap, so if they work okay, it will be worth it. I did not really have any matte lipstick, so I was happy to get some.

Applying: Feels a bit hard when applied, but not that bad. Went pretty smoothly.

Feel: Felt fine on the lips, and stayed on for quite a while. Even though it did fade over time, it did not completely disappear. It does smear, so it is not smudge proof. It is surprisingly pigmented.

Up and down: Shock, Intrigue, In The Buff, Velvet Touch, Unbound, Vintage Rose, Tickle, Gossip, Thrillseeker, Naked

Packaging: The packaging is a lot like a preview of what is in the vault. It is simple and I like it even though it is not “beautiful”. But what did I expect from that price?

Scent: Smells a bit waxy, the first ingredient is also paraffin, so that makes sense.

Labels: None to be found.

Ingredients: Paraffin is the first ingredient, which can explain why it both smells waxy, but is also a bit hard to apply.

Claims: Since I do not find any description, I cannot tell if they hold their claim.

Price: around 10 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes, I will keep on using these, they did very well compared to the price.

The Colour: Vintage Rose




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