First and foremost; I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and happy at home. I hope you all are well, and are doing your best in time of crisis.

Just to do something fairly normal, we will be looking at a Goodiebox review today

As always you can also see the review on my YouTube Channel.

This is the march Goodiebox, that is a box made together with The Danish Beauty Awards, where (supposedly) only the best of the best (or at least the stuff nominated to a Danish Beauty Award) are shown.


My first impression was honestly horrible.

The eyeshadow inside the box had been broken and the black (of course ONLY the black) broke into 1000 pieces staining both my box and all the other products.

Since it is the black colour, of course I cannot get it off. Super sad from the start, but my frown quickly turned upside down when I got an e-mail from Goodiebox themselves.

They quickly apologized. A lot of people had gotten broken eyeshadow, and they were super sad (just like us) that it had broken. Therefore, they send EVERYONE a message.
We would ALL get a new eyeshadow (not the same, because obviously there were trouble with it). We will in the next Goodiebox (April) get a better quality and more expensive eyeshadow palette to make up for the broken one.
Beside this we will also get an extra thing because we all took the broken eyeshadow escapade like a champ.
These two products are NOT a part of the April Goodiebox, they simply come at the same time.

I know I have said this before but I will say it again. Their customer service is the absolutely best I have ever seen, and they keep on impressing me. It is (beside the excitement of the new products) this service that keeps me paying every month.

Now to the actual products




Rituals – The Ritual Of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel


Their words:

Give your skin the gift of a new beginning with the foaming shower gel from The Ritual of Sakura.

Renewing scent of cherry flower and organic rice milk, with the unique quality that the gel transforms into silky, cleaning foam.


My thoughts: I love, love, love Rituals, and know even without having to use this, that I love it. Just like any other shower foam from them.

Applying: Easy to apply. Just take some in your hands, foam up and clean.

Feel: Soft, foamy goodness. Silky smooth.

Packaging: Simple, pretty packaging, I like it.

Scent: Has a very clean scent, I think that is the rice milk.

Labels: None to be found.

Ingredients: Nothing that sticks out.

Claims: Definitely feels silky smooth and cleans well.

Price: 10 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, and I really like them, but I Love some of their other scents more.





Roze Avenue – Glamorous Volumizing Dry Shampoo


Their words:

Don’t be a lady – be a legend.

To perfect locks with a fearless powder lift. Increases texture and volume by removing and absorbing oils, greasy and impurities. Gives a fresh and flexible texture with a soft hold and matte finish.

Be the girl who just went for it.


My thoughts: Dry shampoo? Awesome! I am so ready for a new favourite!

Applying: Easy to apply, just spray 15-20 centimetres from hair, then wait a bit and ruffle.

Feel: No, no and no. I don’t like this. The feeling is just like a soft hairspray making my hair feel dry, sticky and hard. Not a fan.

Packaging: Cute packaging but a bit hard to see the writing since the colour is so light.

Scent: Has a sweet scent.

Labels: Vegan friendly.

Ingredients: I absolutely cannot see the ingredient list on the backside since it is so hard to read those small letters.

Claims: Definitely does the job with both volumizing and making my hair look less greasy.

Price: 26,6 Euro


Will I use it again: Unfortunately not. Even though it does the job very well, I am not a fan of the feeling it gives my hair.




Aurelia – Revitalise & Glow Serum


Their words:

A light and quick absorbing, potent anti-aging serum.

A mix of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare-technology with bio-organic plant and flower essences that activates the accelerating effect in dermis and puts probiotic, peptides and antioxidants where it is needed.

Concentrated bio-organic 100% botanic includes baobab, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 that revitalizes the skin, tightening African Kigali Africana and Hibiscus that fights oxidative stress.

Scent of Jasmine, Frangipani, Tuberose and Mandarin.

Helps prevent aging and makes the skin more even.


My thoughts: Another serum? Well this one is probably good so I’m looking forward to it!

Applying: Easy to apply, just pump some out on your hands and massage into face and decollate, quickly absorbs into skin (like insanely quickly)

Feel: Makes my face feel moisturized without feeling sticky or uncomfortable, brightens up my face and makes me feel luxurious.

Packaging: The packaging is okay, and I love how there is a dropper on it.

Scent: I can feel the jasmine scent instantly but it is not overwhelming. I really like it.

Labels: Cruelty free and recyclable.

Ingredients: Nothing horrible to be found.

Claims: I agree on the scent. For the rest, I need to use it more to see if it is true.

Price: 79,7 Euro for 30 ml


Will I use it again:

Yes, I will at least use it up, and if it holds promise, I might buy a new one.



Karmameju – BLAZE Power Potion 03


Their words:

A natural, aromatherapeutic roll-on that is made to stimulate, nourish and release tensions with dynamic, organic and powerful ingredients.


My thoughts: What in the world is this and what am I supposed to use it for?

Applying: Easy to apply since it is a roll-on.

Feel: Feels cooling and nice, but since I don’t really need any tension release, I didn’t “feel” anything.

Packaging: Simple packaging and cool with the roll-on effect.

Scent: Very strong menthol scent. Not bad, but very alike those hard candies you get at your grandma’s.

Labels: None to be found.

Ingredients: Not anything too bad to see, but I am impressed by how far down menthol is on the ingredient list compared to the fact of how strong the scent is.

Claims: I can agree that is is a roll-on, but I don’t really need a tension releaser so cannot say anything about the rest right now.

Price: 24 Euro


Will I use it again: If I suddenly feel tension I guess, but when in the world would that be? So confused.





N.A.E – Purifying Shampoo Bar


Their words:

NAE shampoo bar for greasy hair with organic sage and mint extract.

Gently cleanses hair and scalp. Use directly against scalp or rub between hands.

One bar is the same as two shapoos.


My thoughts: How absolutely cool and innovative. Great initiative and good for the environment. Both vegan and natural while in a recyclable packaging. Way to go, I’m super excited for this.

Applying: Uhh, akward. I tried rubbing on hands but nothing really happened. Then I tried using it directly on my hair and it just felt like hitting myself in the head with a soap bar. Super akward and not really my style.

Feel: Worked like it should, cleaned my hair, but felt really uncomfortable to use because I had to rub it against my head.

Packaging: I love the recyclable packaging that is made by FSC approved tree. It is also awesome that this one bar counts as two bottles.

Scent: Scent is very clean, I think it is the sage. Not uncomfortable at all.

Labels:  Vegan friendly and 100% organic. Way to go.

Ingredients: Nothing weird in sight, but 100% organic.

Claims: Cleaned my hair just as it should, just not really my style to use a bar.

Price: 6,5 Euro therefore very affordable compared to normal shampoo.


Will I use it again: I don’t think so. It worked like it should, but I did not like the feel of rubbing the bar straight against my head. I would rather use half the normal amount of shampoo or skip a wash instead of using again.


Afterthought: The morning after, my scalp once again felt oily, and I had to shower in the evening. Might be because I did not wash the shampoo bar stuff out properly, or maybe it’s just not so good.




Essence – To The Moon And Back Eyeshadow Palette

Their words:

Contain ten highly-pigmented, long lasting eyeshadows with matte and shimmering effects for fascinating eye makeup-looks.


My thoughts: This one was a blast. Literally. The black eyeshadow had been crushed into a million pieces and painted the rest of the box black. So sad and disappointed about this.

Applying: I only swatched this one, but the pigment was better in the pan than on my arm. FYI, this palette ONLY has shimmery shades.

Feel: Feel very soft but has a meh pigment swatch.

Packaging: Cute astrological packaging, but a shame it looks a bit cheap

Scent: Honestly the only thing I can smell when smelling this is the soap bar.

Labels: None

Ingredients: I got no ideas about these, there is so many ingredients that it is hard to find a way around it.

Claims: Meh pigment, just too mad to even try right now.

Price: 4,3 Euro. I wrote that it looked cheap before looking at the price. This is waaay to unrealistic for a great palette I think.


Will I use it again: I don’t think so. I got so disappointed about it that I just don’t want to look at it anymore.





2 products I really like (Shower gel & serum)

2 products that kinda works, just not for me (soap bar & dry shampoo)

1 uhh, when will I use it? (Karmameju thingy)

1 dissapointment. Do I even need to say which one this is?



This concludes the review for this time. I hope you guys enjoyed the read, and (once again) are staying safe.


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!























































































































































































































































































































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