Another fun and quirky item to review!


Makeup Revolution’s Halloween edition Skull Highlighter in the colour ghosted.


You can also watch my review onmy YouTube Channel 🙂


Their words:

This super soft, liquid highlight creates a blinding glow in seconds. Not just for Halloween, you are going to want to use this highlighter all year round.


My thoughts: I am a sucker for funny or quirky products and this is so cute. This is my first time using a liquid highlighter, so I am excited.

Applying: Just dap onto the face using your fingertips or a brush. I dropped it on my hand, and them to my face (simply because that helps keeping the bacteria away compared to dropping straight to your face. Since it is liquid, I was scared to smear it all over, be careful with rubbing too much.

Feel: Feels a bit sticky, but shimmered like hell (haha). Would be pretty if you had nice clear skin to just dab a bit on there. After a while, still felt a bit sticky. Looked subtle.

Packaging: Super funny and cute Halloween themed packaging.

Scent: Honestly smells like nail polish…

Labels: No labels to be found.

Ingredients: A lot of stuff in here, not really anything that concerns me.

Claims: I wouldn’t really call this soft, more like sticky. Glows really subtle and beautifully and can definitely be used all year round if you are not scared of a bit of stickiness.

Price: 6,3 Euro


Will I use it again: I think I will use this again, but not as much as my normal, highlighters. Simply because of the stickiness and the fact that it is liquid.



What is your favourite highlighter? 😊


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ( and take care of yourself and each other guys)


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