I have wanted to try out some of Tonymoly’s products for a long time, but this product is so damn cute I cannot even!


It’s a face cleanser in an octopus container, and let’s just get into the good stuff already!

Their words:

Purifying and moisturizing foam cleanser with Marine Complexes and Taurine.


My thoughts: Is it just me or is this so damn cute? I really love the way they presents this cleanser- super cute.

Applying: Easy to apply, just squeeze some out, foam it up, and cleanse.

Feel: Feels very gel like (which makes sense), but leaves the skin a tad dry, and I felt like I had to moisture afterwards. It did not take everything off, but maybe I’m just afraid of rubbing it into my eyes. Nonetheless I went over it with a cotton pad.

Packaging: So super cute, just like any other Tonymoly product!

Scent: Smells a bit like cleaning supplies, not much though.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients: Taurine is said to uplift the skin when looking dull and tired. Seems like a ok ingredient.

Claims: Doesn’t live up to the sayings. Cleanses so-so and none moisture to be found ☹

Price: 17,5 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, but I will not buy another one since I have better. It is definitely just a gimmicky product (it looks cute on the vanity or in the shower, but doesn’t do much)



Have you guys ever tried anything from Tonymoly and what did you think?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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