I am back with another Goodiebox review! (who would have known, they only come every month, haha)

These products are made to boost your body’s batteries, and shake that last bit of cold winter feeling away.

No more talking, let me show you


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Pixi – Shea Butter Lip Balm – Natural Rose


Their words:

Treat lips while giving them gorgeous colour with this multi-tasking miracle lip balm!

Awaken lips with this super-nourishing balm. The unique formula is rich but lightweight and gives a gorgeous wash of colour to lips – it’s the perfect pick me up anytime!

Packed full of beneficial ingredients, this balm soothes lips immediately & nourishes them long term.


My thoughts: A lip balm with colour- oh damn, the last time I had one of these type of balms, the colour made me look sick and acted as film on my lips…

Applying: the product is a bit hard, and therefore not that easy to apply. I feel like I really have to press it to get in there. Oh and it is NOT possible to not get the colour.

Feel: doesn’t feel sticky or irritating on the lips. The colour I don’t really like though, it is a bit too brown for me.

Packaging: Cute packaging, just some weird colours with the greenish and pinkish colours. The packaging feels a bit cheap, and the mechanism that pushes the lip balm up is a bit loose.

Scent: Smells waxy, nothing more really.

Labels: Paraben-free and not tested on animals

Ingredients: Nothing sketchy to see here

Claims: Well Goodiebox told us that you could use just one layer as lip balm, and more for colour, but colour does come off immediately soo…

Price: 8 Euro


Will I use it again: Propably not, the colour is not really to my liking.



Bellapierre Cosmetics – Mineral Blush


Their words:

Say hello to radiant cheeks with Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Blush Amaretto. A creamy, super-sheer mineral blush, it defines your cheekbones with beautiful, natural-looking colour that leaves your complexion looking bright and fresh.


My thoughts: Amaretto? Isn’t that a pretty dark colour?

Applying: I just popped some into the lid, put my brush in, banged my brush against the lid to get excess off and went to town

Feel: Very light and soft. You might need a bit to get a really good colour payoff, but honestly I like the “no blush, blush” look where it is just a simple kiss on the cheeks. The colour is pretty when applied but I think it might compliment a darker skin tone a bit more than my pale face

Packaging: Very simple packaging, honestly not much to say here, does look a bit cheap.

Scent: Smells like powder, duh.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients: I was kind of surprised about this blush, it contains only 3 ingredients which are all really good.

Claims: Defenitely a beautiful, natural looking colour. I feel like I look a bit more fresh with it.

Price: 36 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes, even though I do not use blush often, I really like this one




Niré – Radiant Blush Brush


Their words:

Exclusive to Goodiebox, the award-winning 305 Radiant Blush blooms in limited edition grey making it truly one of a kind. With exclusive LuxeBlend fibres, the versatile 305 picks up the perfect amount of pigment to add colour, warmth, and definition to your face. The rounded domed brush head evenly sweeps blush and bronzer across the cheeks for a healthy radiant glow. Add dimension to your looks by using it to apply and diffuse contour underneath the cheekbones for natural looking definition.


My thoughts: Oh so this one is just for the Goodiebox members? That is pretty cool, but also kind of sad for the people not able to get it if it is good

Applying: Easy to distribute product evenly and doesn’t eat too much colour

Feel: Soft but not too soft bristles. The other brushes I got from them are a bit softer.

Packaging: Comes with a small reusable net so that you can protect the brush while traveling. Cute colour and fairly simple design. I kind of like some of their other brush designs more though.

Scent: No scent. I would be horrified if it had one.

Labels: Eco-friendly FSC certified wooden handle, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, cruelty-free & vegan-friendly

Ingredients: Well there is no ingredients in here, but the materials are all environmentally friendly

Claims: Defenitely evenly sweeps products on without being too much.

Price: 16 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes I think I might- but honestly I do not use much blush so it wont be often





Sui Ava – Solvej Hair Clip


Their words:

Meet Solvej, she is your new flower that is made in cooperation with Goodiebox.
We all have our own garden inside, that needs to be nourished, and have lots of love to be able to grow and keep itself beautiful. There will always be the opportunity to meet weed in your garden, so get all the way up to the garden gate and show good, strong energy with your new Sui Ava flowerclip in your hair. It will all be fine, and the feeling of being your own girlboss gardener is genious.


My thoughts: To be honest, when I went to take pictures of the products from the box, I couldn’t find it. Took it 10 minutes to remember that I had it in my hair…
Oh, and Solvej, just so you know, is an old Danish name with the literal meaning: Sunny road

Applying: Well just put it in your hair. Tadaa! That’s it.

Feel: Very lightweight clip that, amazingly can grip all of my hair (that is normally quite a task). It feels like it sits in place, without feeling heavy, tugging or feeling like it will fall out. Definitely serves its purpose.

Packaging: Well it came pretty much as is. A cute light green colour (that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but is amazingly cute) and made to look like a flower. Cute all the way through.

Scent: No scent at all.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients: Nothing really to say here

Claims: I can understand why you would feel like taking on the world with this hair clip, the light feel, colour and design makes you all happy just looking at it.

Price:  15 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes and I have already done so. I do not use hair clips often, and those I have and use are all black, but this one makes me happy in a more summery, light way.




Huygens – Verveine D’Hygens Body Scrub


Their words:

Honeyes citrus zest.
Delicate elimination of dead skin cells. Leaves the skin silky soft


My thoughts: This I feel like is bound to disappoint me. I already have a favourite body scrub, and to be honest it’s going to be hard to beat that. It might still be good though, but I don’t think this is going to top the list.

Applying: Super nice to apply, foams a bit but it goes away quickly. Very gentle on the skin.

Feel: Feels nice, not harsh at all, but leaves the skin hard to dry. I had to dry myself three times to get the “wet” feeling off, and after that my skin still felt a bit weird.

Packaging: The packaging seems fairly simple, but the design of the pattern and the type of font, makes it look a bit exclusive.

Scent: Somehow gives me a hint of marzipan and a bit of citrus.

Labels: 99% natural ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan, bio-organic

Ingredients: I honestly got no idea what is supposed to be in a body scrub so I guess it is fine.

Claims: Very delicate way to get the dead skin cells off I concur. Not that silky soft afterwards though, I think you might need a creme for that.

Price: 18 Euro


Will I use it again: Nope, I got better, but I’m giving it to someone else that will use it




Lavish Care – Micellar Water


Their words:

Micellar Cleansing Water by Lavish Care removes make up with one move, removes dirt and soothes the skin. Ideas for every type of skin even for the most sensitive skins.


My thoughts: Oh god another micellar water? I still have not used the last ones up we got (maybe I’m just too bad at taking off my makeup? Well whatever, this one is supposed to be very gentle, so maybe even my sensitive eyes won’t be irritated. Fingers crossed.

Applying: Easy to apply, just put it on a cotton pad and gently clean without rubbing.

Feel: No, no and no. This one simply irritates my eyes too much, they feel tight and a bit warm, like a tingle or small burning sensation. No thank you.

Packaging: Simple packaging that reminds me of every other micellar water in the world.

Scent: Has a faint smell of some type of cleaning product.

Labels: Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic

Ingredients: got no idea, but since it is said to work for even the most sensitive, there should be nothing that bad in here I guess?

Claims: SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! This is so sad and disappointing. I know it is said that it is ideal for even the most sensitive skins, but come one. Does it really have to irritate my eyes? I did not rub, and did not put it directly into my eyes so what is happening?

Price: 5 Euro


Will I use it again: If I run out of other options, and I know it won’t have to touch my eyes- only my face. I might.


Blush and lip balm


Have you ever tried any of these and what do you think?




I hope you take care of yourself and eachother, and I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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