So this is a face mask from sence beauty, and I have heard about their brand before.

I had never tried anything from them before, so was excited about how this would go.

Oh and if you want to know if it actually looks like a monkey, go to my YouTube Channeland be terrified.



Their words:

Ultra-light and thin, deep cleansing, clears pores and removes dirt and oil.


My thoughts: So excited, does this actually look like a monkey? I really hoped it would help cleanse and remove dirt and oil because I needed it that day.

Applying: Wash your face, put the mask on for 10-15 minutes, take off and massage the rest into your skin.

Feel: When taking it out of the packaging it was VERY wet. Like insanely wet. (and the mask does look like a monkey-actually pretty terrifying). After applying I was astonished of how small the eye and mouth space were. It felt like no matter what I did it was bound to at least overlap a bit of my mouth, and I had to be very careful not to get anything in my eyes. I only had the face mask on for three minutes, simply because the eyeholes of the mask started dripping product onto my eyes, and to be honest, I don’t want skincare products in my eyes. It was impossible to sqeeze product out of the mask, and the eyeholes were so close to my eyeballs I did not want to risk anything.

Packaging: Packaging is pretty simple, since it is just a sheet mask, and it makes sense (haha) that there is a monkey on the front.

Scent: A bit of nothing and a bit of wet products. Dunno if that makes sense though.

Labels: I can find none

Ingredients: I honestly don’t know because I cannot find the ingredient list online (which worries me)

Claims: I got no idea if it does the job because it was unbearable to have on.

Price: Something like 3Euro I think


Will I use it again: Big thumbs down here. Eyeholes way to small, too much product (even when I had squeezed some out. I tried their fox mask before and that was the same problem with the eyeholes being small, it was just not as wet and therefore I didn’t get products in my eyes.

Oh and to answer the question: NO I WILL NOT.



What is your experience with sense beauty and have you tried any of these before?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!




One thought on “Sence Beauty – Facial Sheet Mask – Monkey

  1. This peeling facemask is the worst thing in the Hole world its a shame that you guys can sell this didnt come of and i needed to use makeup remover and now i am red in My whole face fuck this shit


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