This palette has been in my possession for quite some time, but somehow, I never got to actually reviewing it. Today is the day we put off all those things, and I show you, exactly what it is worth (beware, shade might be coming)


Instead of me babbling for hours, I’ll just get right to telling you all about this palettes “qualities”



Their words:

W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow palette with a super fruity twist.

7 ultra-pigmented matte and shimmer shades that smell like summertime berries!

A range of soft pinks, plums and deeper tones to create plenty of looks for your Grape Escape this summer.


My thoughts: Well I did not know at first when I used this that it was supposed to smell like summertime berries, I might have to smell it again, because honestly; if they used so much time on getting it to smell right, that might explain a lot.

Applying: Even with eye primer on, these colours had a hard time sticking properly, and ended up blending into nothingness. The purple I tried putting on top to give a bit of colour, sat on top of the other colours unable to blend or look natural. The result? It looked like a hot mess, and might even give someone the impression that I was hit- right on the eyelid and nowhere else that is.

The matte and completely light did an okay job, but since these were also the lightest I did not notice them as much as I noticed the lack of pigment in the other colours. After a bit of time I noticed that even the matte colours stopped working with me, and went into nothingness.

The glittery eyeshadows and metallics felt wet and small specks of the glitter is left behind, and when put on somehow just sits there doing nothing.


Feel: The mattes felt light, like nothing was there and the more shimmering eyeshadows felt weirdly wet. I think someone compromised the quality of the shades because it had to smell like summer berries. Yikes.

After not even 4 hours the colours went even more mush, and disappeared almost completely

Packaging: Packaging is pretty much the only good thing about this palette. The theme is funny, the design is quirky, and I haven’t seen anything like this before. There are no names on the colours (well we can live with that because at least there is numbers on the back of the palette). But the fact that there is only two matte colours in there is a bummer for me. Out of 7 colours, it is only possible to use two of them as a base – actually only one since one of the matte colours is actually purple…

Scent: The scent is not like summertime berries, but do smell like a mix of something that tried to be a berry and normal eyeshadow. The result we got was a scent or rather a smell of wet powder.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients:  I did not notice anything weird about the ingredients, but I did notice that they misspelled at least one word on their ingredient list…

Claims: I cannot agree with the claims at all. Unless of course their idea with the smell of summertime berries means wet disgustingness.

Price: 6 Euro, so pretty cheap, but not cheap enough for this quality


Will I use it again: Nope, it is already in my no-no bin. Without saying anything horrible; this might be the worst palette I have ever tried.


If you want to see the colours a bit better, or just want to see my first impression, you can watch this review on my YouTube Channel.



What is the worst eyeshadow you have ever tried?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


6 thoughts on “W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. So good to read about your honest review. Many times the packaging looks so good that I buy it on an impulse and it is a bust when I try it.
    The eye shadow smelling like berries is funny 🙂

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