So. KatVonD. A brand I have wanted to try for VERY long, but never really got to because there was quite the storm around her brand for a while.

Now though, I pulled myself up, and chose that if I’m not going to buy a lot of her products (but still want to try things out) I could just try a mini. And that is what I did.

I bought these a long time ago as has had them sitting for 1000 years.

They are in the colours: OG Lolita and Misfits

If you want to watch the review you can go to my YouTube Channel

Their words:

A creamy, vegan, high-pigmented lipstick that has crazy-comfortable, long wear.

My thoughts:  This has been on its way for a long time! Either it is going to be good and I’m going to be really happy, or it is going to be bad and I would not want to touch this brand again with a barge pole (do you say that in English too?)

Applying: Pretty easy to put on, but ended up on my teeth, and it felt like it didn’t really grip in the inner parts; instead it was super easy to see all the dry parts of my lips.
Because it is a mini, it is not as easy to put on as a normal size and it takes a bit longer.

Feel: Looked pretty okay, even though it did grip on the dry parts of my lips. Transfers like crazy onto pretty much anything.
Went away very quickly- it literally only took about two hours for almost all of it to be gone. Of course, the part that stayed was the one stuck on the dry part of my lips. I am not impressed at all.
On the positive side though, they did feel very soft and were nice and pigmented.

Packaging: This packaging is… funny. Reminds me on something that I dare not speak in this public forum (it is very S/M). Pretty cute in size, but not really that appealing to me.

Scent: A bit chocolately somehow

Labels: Vegan, free of parabens and cruelty free.

Ingredients: Nothing too awful to see here.

Claims: Defenitely creamy and high-pigmented. The wear time is a big no-no though.

Price: Around 10 Euro or something like that

Will I use it again:  I honestly don’t think so. Went off too easy, transferred to everything and made my lips look dry AF.

That is all for my review of the KVD mini lipstick review.

What do you think of the KVD brand?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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