The thought of this box was to bring the sea to us, and should be filled with sustainable products, with an ingredient, design or brand value that is good for you and the environment.

The second part of the box was to take inspiration from the waters calming effects.

The fact that this box has taken a sustainable turn makes me super happy and I am looking forward to trying everything out!

As always, if you want to watch the review – Go look at my YouTube Channel

Balance Me – Rose Otto Face Oil

Their words:

Treat your skin with some extra moisture with the help of this face oil that comes is a sustainable glass container – YAY! The natural blends, like Rose Otto, Palmarosa and Rosen-geranium olie, calms and strengthens the skin. Fits all skin types.

Use it morning and evening after cleaning the face.

My thoughts: This is damn cool, it is a roll on, which I have never seen before in a face oil before, and overall a 100% natural oil is making me very interested.

Applying: Is shown to be rolled straight onto the face. Since it is a roll on, there is only product coming out if the oil in in the right end of the flask; this means you have to keep it on it’s head for product to come out, which is kind of weird because you have to lay your head back almost to get it on. Super cool application but pretty weird too. And of course, there is the trouble with putting stuff straight onto your face. I know you should wash your face before using this, buuut. – Bacteria you know.

Feel: Doesn’t feel sticky at all, just wet and gets absorbed very quickly. Does not give me any “wow” effects but moisturizes just fine.

Packaging: I love the fact that this is a glass container, which is much more sustainable than plastic.

Scent: The scent is pretty rosy but not overwhelming

Labels: Vegan, 100% natural, recyclable bottle.

Ingredients: I can’t say anything about these ingredients. It’s mostly just a lot of different natural oils.

Claims: Definitely moisturizes but not much else.

Price: 49 Euro for 30 ml

Will I use it again: I will use it up, but not buy it again

Anwen – Eco Hairbrush

Their words:

To brush your hair can often become more inconvenient than relaxing, right? But with the Eco-hairbrush from Anwen, it will become a pleasure. It massages the scalp while shaping itself after your head because of the flexible form. Even though it is solid it is not best friends with warm air from a hair dryer. The product is environment friendly and made of biodegradable material- in the right environment it can be degraded in 5 years. Good for your hair and the environment!

My thoughts: Oh, a brush. I already got two brushes from Goodiebox already (mind I have had my subscription for more than 2 years) but a 100% compostable one sounds awesome!
I was a bit iffy about the style since I was afraid I would destroy the brush.

Applying: Well you don’t really have to apply this one.

Feel: Oh my what an absolute godly feeling. The massage you get when using this brush is out of this world and it was so hard to stop brushing my hair. I felt like I had to be a bit careful when brushing my hair, but the actual brushing part went just fine.

Packaging: Packaging was simple, made of recyclable material.

Scent: None

Labels: biodegradable.

Ingredients: Made by bio-degradable material. Can be degraded in 5 years in the right environment

Claims: Can’t argue with the environment friendly part. And the massage? Oh the massage is pleasurable!

Price: 15 Euro

Will I use it again: Yeeeeees!!

Sandstone – Raincoat Waterproof Mascara

Their words:

No matter if it is sun or rain, this mascara can take it! The waterproof mascara from Sandstone works as a raincoat on your lashes and makes sure even if you end up in the rain, or uses the day at the beach, your mascara stays where it should. It is Allergy Certified, so you can use it even if you have sensitive eyes or uses contacts.

My thoughts: I love mascara, but I am pretty picky with which ones I like since my eyes are pretty sensitive.

Applying: Takes a bit to get something on. At first nothing happened at all, but it can be built up if you are very patient. Great for bottom lashes since so little comes off at a time.

Feel: Feels very light and like it is not there. Doesn’t clump and gives beautiful very natural lashes.

Packaging: Standard mascara packaging, nothing interesting to see here.

Scent: I did not really notice anything regarding the scent.

Labels: Vegan. Allergy Certified

Ingredients: Nothing too weird to see here.

Claims: Did seem waterproof, but not 100% as hardcore waterproof as I would have liked. (some did come off if for example I would gently rub my eyes while they were damp)

Price: 22 Euro

Will I use it again: I have used it a few times, but I would much rather use another mascara since this one is so much work.

Karmameju – Sun Body Lotion SPF 15

Their words:

Suns out, buns out, right? It is important to remember your beautiful skin in the sun. Karmameju sunscreen SPF15 is rich on antioxidants and gives moisture. It is based on natural mineral SPF filters, and it makes you neither white or sticky. It has a fresh scent of citrus fruits, mint and lavender which gives the feeling of a Mediterranean summer. Can be used on face and body.

My thoughts: Uuuuh a lotion with SPF. I suck at using both body lotion and Sunscreen, so this is going to be interesting.

Applying: Went on with ease.

Feel:  Did not feel sticky or disgusting on the skin at all. Sunk in pretty fast too without looking white.

Packaging: Very normal packaging, but I love how it says on the packaging: stay hydrated, drink water. Which is a good advice when already talking about sun protection.

Scent: surprisingly smells nice for sun protection and does not smell like sun protection at all.

Labels: Not really anything to be found beside a lot of the ingredients are organic

Ingredients: Nothing sticks out to me here.

Claims: Did not make me white or sticky at all, and did give a good amount of moisture too.

Price: 35 Euro for 200ml

Will I use it again: I might use this up, but I will not buy this one again. For going in the sun the SPF is a bit too low for me.

Urtekram – Blown Away Wild Lemongrass Body Wash

Their words:

Get blown away from Urtekram’s Blown Away Wild Lemongrass Body Wash! The organic certified, softening and cleansing soap has a natural scent of Lemongrass and Citrus, is made by natural ingredients and 100% vegan. It even comes in a plant-based packaging. It is biodegradable, so you can even shower in the ocean if you want!

My thoughts: Okay, a body wash. I already have a favourite of these so this will be hard to win against.

Applying: Just wet you skin and then wash yourself. Pretty easy.

Feel: Felt very soft and worked just as intended.

Packaging: Standard packaging, nothing truly exciting or different.

Scent: Has a delicious scent of lemon cake. Just like a standard lemon cake filled with sugar that you can get in Denmark

Labels: 100% vegan. Cosmos Organic. 50% plant packaging

Ingredients: Nothing weird here at all, and well.

Claims: I can agree that is softens and has a citrusy scent.

Price: 11 Euro

Will I use it again: I will use it up but not buy again since I already have a favourite shower foam, I won’t be using this if I buy it again.

That is all for this time, and dang it is cool with all the thoughts about environment, way to go!

What is your favorite organic or environmentally friendly product?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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