Since Corona is at play at the moment, a lot of summer plans have been cancelled.

The part many don’t really think about?

Well, you do not have to get out of your country to have a true vacation. Vacation can take many forms and happen several places. Therefore, we have the Staycation box. A little bit of vacation right here at home.

In the box we got 5 different products, and when first encountering the box I noticed the scent. It is not a bad scent, but somehow, I got a bit worried that something might have spilled. After inspecting the box, I saw that it was not the case. I literally still do not know where the scent came from.

If you want to watch the review instead you can go to my YouTube Channel 😊

All 5 products

Clean – Reserve Fragrance

Clean – Reserve

Their words:

To mark the 50 year anniversary for ‘Earth Day’ CLEAN did us a favour and put the scent of summer on flask. Abel musk seeds, pear nectar and musk es some of the elements in your new favourite scent. Not enough with is smelling great, it also supports the Earth Day Network. Great scent and good conscience. What’s not to like?

My thoughts: I love CLEAN and especially their RAIN version which is my absolute favourite scent in the world right now so I am looking forward to this one! On another note, I am pretty sensitive so too much of a scent is bound to make me feel sick.

Applying: Sprays evenly and nicely. Just pop off the lid and go crazy (or just spray once or twice)

Feel: Doesn’t “feel” like anything really since it is a perfume, I think you can guess how it feels.

Packaging: Very standard packaging from Clean. It is simple, cute and effective. I truly love this small version, and I like that it is a spray.

Scent: The pear nectar in this is so sweet and tempting and makes me like this scent almost as much as my favourite.

Labels: I don’t see any labels here.

Ingredients: Nothing dangerous to see here, I think.

Claims: The scent of summer is very close to what I think about this, so I can’t really complain about their claims.

Price: 114 Euro for 100ml

Will I use it again: Yesssss, my favourite scent right now is the Clean – Rain perfume, but this comes close.

Respire – After Sun Gel

Respire – After Sun

Their words:

Sunkissed skin needs a bit more love, and what way to show it better than use an after-sun made on natural ingredients and has a light and fresh feeling on the skin. Beside this, the light flowery scent makes you think of summer. You can also use it to prepare your skin and prolong your summer tan. Use it on face and body after having been in the sun.

My thoughts: After sun is really needed right now where we reach about 25°C every day right now if not more. For Danish standards that is a lot, and since I am pale as a ghost, I look forward to having this.

Applying: Easy to apply, and the product itself feels very nice and smooth

Feel: Feels nice on the skin while giving a moisturizing effect.

Packaging: The packaging is super cute and summery and the design is made to look like a beach with the clear blue waves washing up the shores and the sand being pushed back by the waves.

Scent: The scent is very subtle which I really like, and I think this might be the scent I could smell when opening the box

Labels: Recycled and recyclable packaging. 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Ingredients: I don’t see anything dangerous here.

Claims: I agree that it gives a light feeling on the skin, so I would say they hit the description pretty good.

Price: 16 Euro

Will I use it again: I will use it up, but am unsure if I would buy it again. May, or may not.

Masque Me Up – Heel Mask

Masque Me Up – Heel Mask

Their words:

It is officially sandal weather. YAY. But if you, just like us, have not given your feet much thought. Don’t worry. We are here to help, and we brought the best. A heel mask from Masque Me Up, that gives silk smooth heels. You can use the mask in 20 minutes or make it do wonders while sleeping by making it sit overnight under your socks. We think you should do that. Let it sweep your feet from underneath you.

My thoughts: Until now I have only had good experiences with Masque Me Up, and I hope this one will not be an exception.

Applying: I had no idea how to put these on until I realized that I was meant to literally tear this mask open to put it on my heels. The closing seal is strong without strangling your feet and holds the mask in place all night. When you take them off you just smear excess product on your feet and go about with your day. Is to be used for 20 minutes or overnight and I chose overnight.

Feel: Feels a bit cooling and very soothing to the feet. The feeling didn’t really change overnight, but when I took the mask of. OH DANG. My heels were so dang soft and I am so impressed. The excess product getting massaged onto my feet felt super good and I did not imagine at all that these were so good. Even after a couple of hours I could still feel the soothing and cooling effect on my heels.
Since it is so effective though, I feel like it is cheating that you can actually use these every day, I mean; can you really use this magical product every day without any bad side effects? That is just incredible.

Packaging: This packaging is just like any other of their product masks like this, so they are easy to recognise but not that exciting to look at.

Scent: I did not notice any scent, but since these goes on your feet and gets closely tightened I guess it doesn’t really matter what scent it has and if there even is one.

Labels: I don’t see any special labels here, but it says on the packaging that it can be used daily, and is travel friendly.

Ingredients: Nothing suspect to see here.

Claims: I agree with every single claim this mask has made. I get silk smooth heels, it does absolute wonders and it totally swept my feet away from underneath me.

Price: 7 Euro

Will I use it again: I will have to buy this again, and 100% I will buy one for my mother too, and maybe even just a tiny tiny stash to have at hand if my feet need a pick me up.

Paese – Silky Kiss Lipgloss

Paese – Lip Gloss

Their words:

Nothing says summer like fresh berry coloured lips. Isn’t that written somewhere? And with this lip gloss from Paese, you can reach that look in no time. It is long wearing, does not smear and do not seem sticky. Thank you berry much!

My thoughts: Oh please no. I really do not like lipgloss since they are way too sticky. But oh well, this says it won’t be sticky. We will se about that.

Applying: How to apply it is pretty basic, the doe foot has a good size, but the product does not glide on as well as I would love. I feel like I need to pull a bit too much to get the desired result (yes I know that is because it is a gloss- so the formula is a bit more sticky than for example lipstick)

Feel: When putting this on I though oh god no, it seems sticky. After application though, it was something completely else. My lips felt soft and almost smooth. Only a bit of a sticky touch was left. The colour is nowhere to be seen because it is pretty much the same colour as my lips, and it can not be build up at all. Gives a nice shine, but no colour whatsoever.

Packaging: VERY basic and booooring packaging. Does not spark joy. Or anything else for that part.

Scent: Somehow smells sticky and like subtle chemicals.

Labels: I don’t find any labels on here.

Ingredients: Nothing really weird to see here.

Claims: The stickiness on this lip gloss is almost nowhere to be found, and I have never had a lip gloss before that is this smooth.  I don’t see the berry coloured lips, and because it is so soft, it does smear here and there. The longwear I cannot promise you completely. Since I thought it was a bit sticky (I really don’t like sticky stuff okay?) I didn’t wear it for that long. But it wore nicely for at least 2 hours.

Price: 22 Euro

Will I use it again: I truly don’t think so. Not so much because it is sticky- though it is a bit. But the shine and softness can be obtained just as easily with some Chapstick. I don’t feel like I have a need for this.

It is a great lip gloss though, so if you need a great one, this one is pretty good.

Lavish Care – Rescue Me Leave-In Conditioner

Lavish Care – Leave-In Conditioner

Their words:

Now it is time to be a hero and save your dry summer hair. Luckily this Rescue Me Leave-in Conditioner helps! Thanks to it’s unique, rich and nourishing formula with Provitamin B5, it gives shine and softens the hair. Shake the bottle and spray it in dry or wet hair. Is not to be rinsed out.

My thoughts: My hair could always use a bit of love so this is just great.

Applying: Easy to use and sprays easily and evenly. I used it in wet hair.

Feel: Right after using this my hair felt smoother and softer, but after my hair had dried I felt the effect even more. My hair looks shinier and feels much softer while looking less dull.

Packaging: Packaging is very simple and just fine. Nothing more, nothing less. The top part somehow seems a bit weird to me though.

Scent: The scent is fresh and tried to be subtle, but honestly I don’t know what I think it smells like. It smells nice though.

Labels: Dermatologically tested.

Ingredients: I don’t see anything weird here either.

Claims: Shines and softens just as it said it would.

Price: 8 Euro

Will I use it again: Yes I will definitely use it up and might even consider buying a new one afterwards.

That is all for this (or last) months box.

Are you going to have a staycation or are you travelling somewhere?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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