Hello there guys!

Today we are doing something else than normally. Today we will have a chit chat. Which means; I will both chit & chat and you will listen lol.

My boyfriend and I recently moved (on the 3’rd of august) and have been busy with moving everything, getting the old apartment squeaky clean, getting everything in place and overall homifying.

We moved from a 50m2 apartment to 75m2 and it did a world of a difference.
We actually have windows in this apartment (only had 1 in the last one) AND we have real doors that we can open and close.
I know this sounds like a small thing, but coming from a VERY badly build 50m2 to 75m2 logically build means we now have;

  • 7 windows instead of 1
  • A home office, instead of having to work at the dining table (we had a table with place for almost 4 people)
  • A Living room, instead of having a bookcase separating “kitchen” and “living room”
  • A kitchen that is just a kitchen, and not a room for everything
  • A bathroom with a window, which means we can actually get some of the steam out of the bathroom when showering
  • A bedroom where there is actually space for more than just a bed
  • Decent neighbors – before we lived at uhh college dorm or something like that. A humongous building where only studying people were allowed to live. This means weekly parties, lots of noise, loud music and overall young people acting like stupid young people (throwing their trash everywhere included cigarettes onto each other’s terrace)

I do know that it could have been MUCH worse of course, but living in Denmark with many other and better ways to live, 2 years in that apartment was just enough! It was a fine starter but we were ready for a more permanent apartment, and chose to move.

It has been almost a month now, and not everything is in its place. Normally I would love to get everything ready and nice in the first two weeks, but something came in between that hope. That is: myself.

Yep, my knee dislocated, went out of place and then in again.

It hurt like a ************. That is not a real word, but you can put in any curse word that you can imagine.

I quickly called my mother who is a nurse, and asked if it was okay to put it up, put ice on, and relax. “Luckily” I tried this before about 10 years earlier and that time I was told this. We agreed that was what I should do, but if it got worse, hurt too much or looked wrong I was to call a doctor.

Two days later I went to the doctor. Not because it had gotten worse, but to get a professional opinion (my mother did not see my knee so its hard to tell exactly what is wrong).
The doctor told me exactly what I already knew; my knee had dislocated an was now sprained. Luckily nothing was loose in there and I did the right thing when the accident happened.
Unfortunately for me, since this had happened before, the chance of it happening again is there. So the doctor gave me painkillers and told me I had to train the knee and muscles around.

It has been 2 and a half week since then and I am slowly getting there. I was at work for the first time since the incident this Friday, and it was very hard but I’m glad to actually being able to do something again.

Now I will stop ranting and get back to relaxing my leg.

What have you been doing this month?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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